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    Hello Colleagues! I would just like to ask some details regarding Master of Arts in Nursing programs in some known universities here in Metro Manila because I am planning to enroll this coming school year. I would like to know the total tuition fee per semester, usual class schedule (I mean if the school have fixed schedule for the program like during weekends), the required years of work experience, GWA, Board Rating and if I can still enter this coming school year if I'll apply on May? My prefered universities are:

    1. UP-Manila
    2. FEU-Manila
    3. UST
    4. UERM
    5. UA&P
    6. PLM (Maynila)
    7. SPU-Manila
    8. NU
    9. UPOU

    I hope I am not asking for too much. I am also hoping for your responses as it will not just be me who'll benefit from it. Thank you in advance! Information of MAN program from other distinguished universities will be also appreciated.
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    hello just want to suggest if your interested also Trinity University of Asia is also offering MAN and you can enroll with or without experience..
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    Oh yes I also consider TUA-SLCN, I just forgot to include it. Anyway, may I know the total tuition fee per semester at max?
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    my batchmate is taking up 9units for the next sem a total of 16,000.. that's all I know so far but will try to inform you as soon as I can..
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    Thank you yeng_27, that is very helpful! Since I don't know what to do now because no one calls from the hospitals, I'll try taking MAN first.
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    PWU also has MAN via their Distance Education program (online). 9 units costs around 10k, tri-sem. They also have in-campus but I dunno the price. You can apply for MAN with or without experience.
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    UP, PWU, PCHS, UST, FEU, ST.PAUL-MANILA, LA CONSOLACION (MALOLOS, BULACAN), SWU(CEBU), SLU(BAGUIO) do offers MAN. You better inquire the fees, minimum and maximum units/sem and schedules through their respective websites. And as for the experience, I think most of them requires at least a year of nursing experience.
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    I have the same plan as you. I visited uerm last week and 9units cost 8k. They're currently accepting applicants so you have to pass your requirements first and then they will give you an application form and then they will schedule you for the interview. Class starts on the first week of June. You can check their website for the requirements.
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    I'm currently taking MAN in PWU. With or without experience, you can enroll for in-campus or distance ed (online). If you are currently working, they will ask for an original COE. If not, a barangay clearance would suffice.
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    Ua&p doesn't offer such graduate program.

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