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Hello, my fellow Filipino Nurses! I'd like to talk about the CETN program in Makati Medical Center. Last September, I was advised by a friend of mine who is currently a staff nurse in MMC, that they are already open for... Read More

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    Quote from Chasing Dreams
    Those medical exam issues sound business for me. As a requirement for pre employment, you just need a recommendation of "fit to work" ranging from category a-C. They are very strict and very costly.
    You're right Chasing Dreams. I received the results of my other two referrals (UTZ and hematology) and they found something on the UTZ, which rendered me unfit for work. Ergo, the end of my application process. It was so frustrating because I was willing to undergo necessary actions for me to be cleared on that UTZ result, but then the MD in the EHC explained to me that once they find results that need close monitoring, the HR wouldn't hire you. I was so sad yesterday that I cried in front of the MD. Imagine all the effort I spent on those exams, the stress I went through on those interviews, And the money I had to shell out. Those referrals are super costly, so that's correct- if you really do have 'sabit' or strong family history of genetic diseases, don't go further than passing the final interview. Because the medicals will surely take the toll on you.
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    Hi guys! Sorry to hear that you weren't able to get through the medicals, but don't lose hope, maybe there are better opportunities waiting for you Anyway, regarding their medical examination, I think it's beneficial for both MMC and the applicant. For the applicant, in case something has been detected from the labs/diagnostics (hopefully none!!!), then you are at least aware of it already and you can manage it as early as now. I have batchmates who were on hold for a while for findings in their urinalysis, or those who needs to have their wisdom tooth extracted, but still they were able to undergo the training. For MMC, I think it will be costly for them to hire an employee who has the potential to miss his/her work because of her health condition (having other staff work beyond their shift / OT, or pulling out staff from other units just to replace the absentee) and of course to spend for their employee's treatment just in case he/she will need it in the future. I think this is the SOP with all other companies, it's just that MMC is much more stricter, maybe because nurses should really have a body that can withstand shifting schedule, extended working hours, NPO for the whole shift hehe, etc!
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    Hello guys! What is the probability of getting called for an interview if you have above 80% board rating but has a diploma from a not so prominent school? Thanks in advance!
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    it could be lower, compared to those nurses who have above 80% board rating and have diplomas from the top 3 schools. and there are a lot of applicants like that since it is Makati Med with its JCI and all you are eyeing. but you should still try, there's no harm in trying
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    Quote from omgellieoh
    Hello guys! What is the probability of getting called for an interview if you have above 80% board rating but has a diploma from a not so prominent school? Thanks in advance!
    I have a friend and she's not from a known school but her board rating is above 80%. Yet, she is called by the hr.
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    It's not on your school where you graduated. The chances to be called for an interview is how you do well on your exams. I graduated from a not prominent school but have above 80% board rating but they called me for an interview.
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    I just finished my medical exam last monday. And now I'm waiting for the text of hr to pass my remaining requirements. I'm worried because some of my co-applicant had receive their text already. I wished they will text me already.
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    Quote from lalasemia
    Hi BlueLagoon! I am also having a problem getting cleared in my medical. They referred me to a hematologist and was diagnosed with mild thalassemia. My hematologist told me not to worry about my condition and gave me a clearance. But the EHC said that I should repeat my cbc after 1 month after taking iron supplements prescribed by my hematologist. After 1 month, i visited my hematologist and she is quite shocked because I am wasn't cleared at this time. She explained to me that nothing will change, I will be anemic forever. So she is wndering why the EHC requested for another cbc knowing that my hemoglobin will be forever low. Huhuhuhu. I am taking folic acid as my maintenance. Then I went to EHC and passed my latest cbc. they told me that the head will have her final evaluation on my case. I called the HR and asked for the results, they told me to wait for a call or text. Dunno what to do next :/ I spent almost 10k (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
    We have the same experience lalasemia. In my case they referred me both to endocrinologist and nephrologist because they found some traces of sugar in my urine. I spent almost 10k for the combine diagnostic test and lab works that I have to do to be cleared. They both provide me clearance. I passed the clearance to EHC and also told me that they will need it for final evaluation. When I went to HR to ask them regarding the status of my application, they told me that the results of my medical is not acceptable regarding their criteria. I was really devastated.
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    Guys last time I passed my application at MMC, the HR personnel informs me that they are only accepting female applicants. Although they accept my papers but then informs me that it will take them 5-6 months before accepting male applicants. What's the status now of the other male applicants please inform us thanks.
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    Hello. I'm included in the latest batch of training program in mmc. I have 7 male co-trainee. And as far as I know other area still need male nurse especially in er, operating nurse etc.