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hello!:wavey: Can anyone tell me how long does it take to process an application in Makati Medical Center? Because Im planning to submit my resume this month of november... And are there any special requirements that i need... Read More

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    In the past, there are times that they do direct hiring even if they're not graduates of MMC. That was still the time when they really lack nurses.

    Now, from what I've observed, most of their direct hire are their own graduates. They just open a direct hire for MMC grad and even if a non-mmc graduate passed his requirements at the same time, it will be separated. MMC grad as direct hire and Non-mmc grad as CETN. That's what I observed. But some of MMC grad who failed to be included on that direct hiring and wishes to work there at that time, they still need to undergo CETN program.
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    Ms Lenjoy,
    Are you currently employed at Makati Med?
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    Quote from lenjoy03
    just submit it to training office. I dont know when is the next hiring for CETN. From what I heard, new CETN will have their duties starting monday. And there's a direct hiring only for their graduates. Just try to call the training office to know when you can submit. But one this is for sure, you must submit it from 9-12noon. Incomplete requirements will not be processed!

    regarding my above post, its still last year. The fee for CETN already changed. Contact training department for more info....
    Hi Ms.Lenjoy! So u attended CETN,am i right? So what happened then?were you able to get a position as a staff nurse? I just wanna know how hard is it to get absorbed by hospitals even if you had your training with them. 'coz some i know had trianings but unfortunate to have a spot as a staff nurse..
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    Nope! I'm not a CETN. I'm already a staff nurse almost 6 months on my probationary period on June 10. Direct hired. You know what I mean... But I've known CETN trainees who used to work with us last DEcember. They only undergone their trainings in our unit for 2 weeks then was rotated to other units. They've undergone this for 3 months. I guess until March. A weeks ago, they were already deployed as staff nurse on prabationary period. Already earning....

    The truth is, we still lack nurses here. Trust me! We wouldn't have to do 12 hours shifting if we dont need more RN. MMC is not like other hospitals who promise you a job after your training and end with just training.
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    I hope to see you there ms lenjoy. I will try my luck this june. My hands are full at the moment.
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    it's good to hear that there is still a hospital who do trainings for the "money"... i believe most hospitals lack staff nurses. based on the survey i heard in the news nurses is second to the most vacant job in the philippines,but they didn't include that there are lots of nursing grads and it's the hospital's choice not to hire many nurses. because they'll have to pay more if they do that. so they let their staff nurses suffer the consequences by giving them 5-8 is to 1 ratio (for some hospitals noy all; just an example) or let the work 12hrs.

    those who are lucky enough to be employed by tertiary and 200+ bed capacity hospitals, i envy. though i've no plans to work yet, but most i know who tried to apply didnt get a shot.

    they not lucky enough! ^_^


    "i am a nurse that's why :tbsk: i care"
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    It's not because they're lucky... Maybe its not yet their time.. There's a reason for everything....

    But at least they've tried to look for a job than doing nothing at all....
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    Quote from lenjoy03
    It's not because they're lucky... Maybe its not yet their time.. There's a reason for everything....

    But at least they've tried to look for a job than doing nothing at all....

    exactly!it's not yet their time..That's what i felt before that's why didn't apply,"it's not yet my time to apply and work",not yet ready..

    So I did what my parents want to, to take NCLEX it'll be in August..After that hopefully i get hired as a staff nurse!! Anyway, I'm not picky when in comes to choosing which hospitals to apply for.. I'm very aware of the tough competion in getting a spot in hospitals now a days..

    OK. they not unlucky!It's not their time yet (stand corrected) LOL!
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    I'm so confused with Makati Med's CETN procedure. They already texted me December last year that I passed the initial screening which I know nothing on how they did that because there's no exam or interviews conducted. Then, when I tried to follow-up my application last month considering they said I already passed the 1st step right, they told me that if I did not receive a txt message about passing the second screening, it just means I'm not included on their May CETN training. And when I asked them to double check if my name was really not included, they said that they have no list of passing applicants. I mean, what the heck, right??? How can they not have a list. I called them 5x on different days and time, hoping to get another person on the phone but to no avail. What kind of system is that? How do they decide on who gets on their training program anyway. I graduated from a very reputable school and my Board Rating is 85%. What do they want from me, from us, just to get into their program?
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    How much is the CETN fee in MMC? what are the requirements?

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