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    we just have to keep waiting then and hope for the best...
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    we from filsino waited for 4 months. i am expecting that the deployment will be this month or early july. if boredom is killing you..boredom is my middle name..just killing. i want to marry boredom. for now... i am just savouring my remaining few dayshere in phil. because homesick will really strike us if we dont enjoy our time here while waiting...
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    good thing i found this website. It's really helpful to me knowing that the answers are from the pipz who have work in libya before. I have received an update from Filsino guyz, and our airplane ticket is soon to arrive. I know that it's now coming near and anxiety strikes fast. I'm a christian, would it be fine to bring my Bible since Libya is a Muslim Country?
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    yes we can bring. i am a christian too..when i work i saudi i have a bible with me. close door religious practices is allowed. theres a church also in libya...
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    that's a great news. I just hope that the Government of Libya can control those militias from across Libya. Young men possessed guns that were used from the revolution last year, and this concern me most. I am praying for our security and protection as well. Guyz, Check out the latest news about Libya Unrest 2012. It would give you a better understanding about the issues going on there.

    It's surprising that loose-firearms is everywhere and that creates anxiety for us Filipino's. You'll never know what to expect there, . . .

    But I trust God, No matter what happens, It's still gonne be the will of God. God reigns. God much more bigger than these problems.
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    hi carl_marimar... i was at filsino yesterday to follow-up my application and to bring to their attention the very long wait of their applicants...i caNT blame them for very long process because the problem is not with them, but it was with libya government... yesterday, i also realized and seen the list of applicants arranged by batches to fly to libya... lucky enough, i belong to the second batch... i was supposed to look for your name but i forgot to ask ur complete name... hopefully, the tickets will arrive tomorrow for us to know the EXACT date of our flights... mr. tong presumes that the first flight would be on july 14, 2nd on 16th and so on... everything is unsure yet because there's no ticket at hand... PERHAPS, tickets will arrive tomorrow... let's keep praying...

    to JLlandero, sir may i ask at what month is the cold season in tripoly and do we rili need to bring winter jackets or not... and can you advise us on how to send money to the philippines with less pay... i heard that sending remittances could cost us a lot... thank you my friend...

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    hi there, i was also one of the nurse's who was actually selected to work at libya. i was worrying now because of the negative reactions that i am reading right now about the employment in libya. i actually turned down my other opportunity in saudi because of this libya offer particularly hawari general hospital. anyone that could help me to decide and choose correctly.
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    any updates for hawari gen. hospital in libya? please do the update here. tnx
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    HI i would like to ask about benghazi Libya.. Hows life there and is it possible for me to get my husband? I m a filipino nurse and planning to work in Benghazi thx
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    Quote from carl_marimar
    u can also text me 09165457964...i am updating also some filsino applicant is have ako updates....
    hello sir carl_marimar, I also am an applicant for the same agency. how come does the salary offer for us with 3 years experience is US$700 (around 28,700 Philippine pesos) for Jomoriyah hospital in Benghazi? what hospital sir are you to be employed?

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