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    how come filsino offers more?
    i am quite disappointed since my specialization is at the ER yet the interviewer assigned me to the "STARR pedia nurse",{ as to what he wrpte on my evaluation form..}so when i saw my J.O. , the salary offered is only the basic+yrs of addition of specialization area is kinda filsino offers more(?) than hopewell??i got accepted at benghazi med center pala..

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    can i be a CI in libya even if i didnt take a masteral?
    i did see they offered more to CIs than hands on nurses
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    ...upon approval of many will expire
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    Filsino offers more? They probably don't even know what's the actual basic salary is! I don't trust what they say, just like my previous agency . The placement fee is way high compared to the actual salary that you'll be receiving. Whatever the agency, the basic salary is still the same. And you got accepted at BMC? Congrats! It's the biggest hospital in Benghazi w/ 1,200 bed capacity.... other wards are still yet to open though because of lack of staff. And don't worry as to what area they have written in your folder. Most of the time, it was not being followed anyway.

    And no, sorry you cannot be a CI in Libya without finishing your MAN first ^^ And yeah! Their salary range is from 4k-5k LD. That's around P140k - P175k. Will depend also on the length of experience as a CI plus the titles (MAN, PhD)

    Our work visas were good for 1 and a half months during our time, year 2009.
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    ..thanks...,by the way how much the basic salary...
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    are there any updates from applicants in other agencies if they started releasing visas to libya?
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    @ JLLandero : thank you for answering all our queries really helps us alot
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    I heard from my colleagues that two or three weeks ago, a new batch of Filipino nurses for BMC arrived. Probably they are the 2011 batch?
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    i am also one of the applicant from filsino agency..and belong to batch may-june...we are still in a process, a very long wait maybe...i hope guys that all of you will be deployed soon and hopefully a continuous process..
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    are there any updates from concorde applicants?

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