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    that's great then ^^
    how about when we leave PI, will they allow us to bring thumb drives?im thinking of scanning my papers and keeping them in my thumb drive for emergency purposes or so..or i should jst store them in my email add?what do you think?

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    You can bring your thumb drive with you and at the same time, you can store it in your email add.
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    hi im also in Libya moh 2012 and we are selected last march. until now i am waiting for a confirmation of our ticket. we kept on updating the agency filsino but we havent heard anynews from them. fed up of waiting thats why i am now in this topic.
    question....any tentative date of deployment for us? is this normal to wait for 4 months?
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    due to current situation in Libya today, I would say yes. There are other 2011 batches still waiting to be deployed. But once they start, it will be a continuous process until all of you are deployed. We've waited three months and that was in 2009.
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    i am still praying that we can all be deployed,, God is good..
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    thank you for answering my query. our agency said that they are deploying all the old applicant including the recall last May and june. we ask their updates but they told us that they are scheduling our flight and for ticketing stage na.

    are we going to bring our own uniform and if we need to provide there any design for our uniform (male). kinda anxious because i just have an e.r uniform in my hand (uniform from saudi).. thank you vewry much...i am so tired of waiting...
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    yes, bring your uniforms and duty shoes. In BMC, we wore scrub suits... of any color. The hospital hasn't issued any uniforms to us at that time and even until today, as my former colleagues in BMC says. You can bring your Saudi uniform even. Any unfirom even if it is a printed scrubs or just a plain white uniform.
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    is it worth to wait for 4 months? accordingly, processing in Libya Government is very long. i hope there will be ticket available for us. i've been calling them every now and then but same answer >>> no updates and still for ticketing <<<
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    hi rheezjar..are you in Filsino agency. we are in the same situation. until now i am guessing my flight sched hoping to depart of this month. we called them yesterday but they said "ticketing"...somehow i am very positive that everyone of us will depart accordingly. somehow i am planning to retract but 4 months of waiting is quite long and i would not sacrifice those long untiring days only to give up. its june 10 already and days are counting fast. just spend your remaining days with your loveones as if this month we'll all be departed. thank you jllandero for you informative answer. i read your reply and i found out that they offered you 875......somehow i am happy for giving me 1000 plus...not bad this time...compared here in the one will give you that kind of salary....thanks...
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    yes, carl_marimar, we're on the same agency...sometimes i really feel like backing out but waiting for four months is not easy so patient keeps me strong... maybe it's ok to wait but i hpe the Libya Gov't can give us concrete date of flight to give us hope... and i hope the agency does his part to do the follow-up and ask the Embassy on the update of our ticket... moreover, i really don't know if it is true that the embassy doesn't allow us to see the visa...
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