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    hello sir carl_marimar, are you already in libya? how long did it take from actual hiring from the agency to actual departure for libya?

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    Hello! I'm glad I found this site where I could gain informations about Libya.
    Anyways, I have also been offered a job in Libya (Benghazi Medical Center).
    I have been reading the previous comments and I have read someone's comment mentioned that the minimum salary is 875 LD. How come my offer is lesser than that? I have already accepted the job. I think it is better than the salary here in the Philippines. It is a stepping stone for me though.
    I also want to inquire, how long does it take for the visa to arrive?
    Is it really true that 3 months is already the shortest waiting time? Is it really that long? I really need a job right now because of financial reasons, that is why, three months for me is really long alreday.
    Are there many Filipinos in Libya? Specifically in Benghazi and in BMC?
    What culture do the people in Libya practice? I mean are there any rules that we must not do something like this or like that? What do I have to expect in Benghazi?
    I would be very glad to here replies from you. It would be very much appreciated.
    Thank you very much.
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    sir jllandero how did you say that libya is the best place for
    engineers but not really for nurses ? thank you
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    sir i am not yet in offer is 1050dinar...its ok with me...thats life...hehehehe
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    Hi guyz.

    Tickets from our employer(MOH tripoli) is constantly arriving. Lately, 20 tickets have arrived last saturday which has a departure date of August 05, 2012. That includes my fiancee's ticket and I'm happy for her. . . We attended victory group and never stop praying for it then God answered us after a day. I just hope mine would arrive soon as well. In addition, she will be able to update me about anything with reference to our work. Then I will be able to update you guyz real-time.

    By the way. my fiancee just went to Filsino yesterday and after she arrived here in our hometown(PAngasinan), I asked her a bunch of question. Filsino discussed to her about how she will get paid. Sad to say this but we will just be receving our 3months-salary after three months. The good news is that it would be a lumpsum amount and our employer will be giving our allowance every month.

    Well, for those pipz who have more update, please share. Thanks and remember, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well". Matthew 6:33


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    to gracelee.

    It seems that you have a lot of question on your mind about the working condition in libya. Well after the civil war, libya is rebuilding it's government. You can just surf the net and the info you wannna know is just one click away. You can learn more about libya by going to this website. or you can just try the wikipedia. IN addition, some of your questions (such as Bengazi Gen. Hosp., Filipino's living in libya, do's and don'ts) have already been answered in this website by professionals who are currently in libya. JUst go back to the first posted comment till last.

    Libya's escalating gun problem - Al Jazeera Blogs
    Libya — RT
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    Hi, good day...just to ask if applying in Livya(sorry,letter v n tagalog is out of order in our keyvoard so i just using "v" thanks).is there any age limit?up to what age please?i'm a nurse n worked vefore in saudi aravia for quiet a long time...hope you have time to answer my querry thanks a lot n more power
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    Hi remiaraq.

    With regards to your question, Let me just answer you categorically. Our employer (MOH) is the one who can decide whether they will accept applicants who are aged 40 or 50+. It's within their discretion whose applicant will get the pot. What I have noticed and observed though is that there were nurses who was offered a job last FEB-march that are aged 40-50. I have spoke to some of them but I never thought of asking their age, ( mainly because they might feel offended ). What you can do though is to inquire from recruitment agencies on what are the preferences of the employer. And I'm sure they will be able to help you out. Seems to me nothing is wrong with how old you are as long as you want to serve people who needs help especially the kind of profession we have. Keep on tryin' GBU

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