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  1. by   lovechildkatt
    I have applied initially with concorde last May and signed the contract after the interview, exam and passing it. However, due to some family conflict, I have decided to postpone it. Anyways, I saw in facebook that they have not been deployed until now, its almost 4 months now... and the thing is they kinda pressured us to do medical exam and give our passports. Is this what's happening to other agencies as well?
  2. by   lovechildkatt
    Since May, I have received a lot of excuses like, there's ongoing election and the Ramadan.. which are all valid reasons if I may say so. However, it's just taking a long time. I am going to wait for another month ...but if it's going to take a few months more, maybe it's time to re evaluate other options.
  3. by   jedvillalon_rn
    Is there anyone here from filsino batch june 16, 2012 for benghazi?
  4. by   refineme
    helo good am!..i was selected in brothers clinic in libya to work their as a nurse,.i dont know anything about the hospital except that it is a 50-60 bed sir/mam jllandero do u have any idea about this clinic?.any info will help a lot.. thnk you
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  5. by   refineme
    hi..does anyone know about brothers clinic in libya and if it has a good record?..the employer told us that our salary is tax free but im afraid that wouldn't be the case once we're there...our salary is not even high.. help please!..thank you!
  6. by   pinkyblush
    Helo everyone... Can I ask if FIL-SINO agency still accepting applicants? And if they accept experience of 1 yr and a half. I really want to go abroad and work as a nurse there. You may know that we don't have bright future here in the philippines. Thank you so much
  7. by   icunurse_26
    hello good day!

    It's good to have a site like this for Filipino nurses bound to Libya..
    I would just like to ask if there are any nursing applicants from the Agency: Midmac Manpower Services and placement Corp. located at Ermita, Manila. I was hired as ICU nurse in Misurata, Libya last June, pass all the requirements, medical and payed half of the placement fee already.. They said the visa processing is now ongoing and when the visa arrives it will only take maximum of 3 weeks inc. issuing of tickets.

    Is there any Nurses here hired by Midmac here?
    I've read all comments and there's no one mentioning Misurata, Libya.. is it also safe there? and what to expect there? thanks a lot!
  8. by   gcelmay

    i was accepted as a nurse for benghazi medical center through HOPEWELL OVERSEAS MANPOWER NETWORK last may 2012. we have already completed all the requirements required by the agency last june 2012. these include medical exam, red ribbon, passport translation and pdos. the agency said that we would be expecting the arrival of our visa after ramadan,. then after ramadan, they said to wait for another two weeks because they need to have the visa translated to arabic as per libyan law. then when the two weeks have passed, they said to wait until the end of september,. when we asked them last friday regarding any updates, they said to give them an extension. i tried asking them what's really causing the delay of our visa. but they couldn't give us any concrete answer. they said that it's difficult to contact their representative in libya due to low signal strength for communication. please give light to us of what's causing the delay of our visa processing. i tried to ask them for a number of the libyan embassy but they wouldn't give us. then i tried to search the net but the number posted is no longer working. thank you
  9. by   jor.ward

    hi, I'm from STB-DJL too. i just completed my medical this Oct, can I contact you in Fb cause I use FB frequently
  10. by   ikay27
    hi,newbie here!i just wanted to ask if there are any updates for those who are headed to/are already in misurata thru fil-sino? we have just been interviewed and i was shortlisted to be in the er but i'm so confused as to the credibility of the agency and the safety and compensation of nurses in misurata..any response will be highly appreciated.thanks in advance!
  11. by   tripolanta209
    hi..i will be arriving soon in Tripoli under MOH..I will be flying alone and have some jitters as well...I am an ex saudi for more than 10yrs and just grabbed this salary offer wisely..Rightnow, i am feeling some confusions not with the hospital and contract but how is Libya will be treating me in terms of its peace and order..Would anyone can give me support and concern to finally push through of going to Libya? Am i going to take a risk or just keep my cool coz i will be arriving there safely...I havent heared anything from my emails no nothing...Please anyone....thanks...
  12. by   lovechildkatt
    Go to facebook and search for libya moh 2012. Also read some post of users in concorde bound to libya... that there were nurses kidnap and taken hostages. icannot confirm thou. Hope all is well. I have withrawn my app.
  13. by   tan2_ganda
    Quote from nursejoe15
    for updates to nurses bound to MOH-libya 2012.
    I just want to ask what agency should i apply with family status? Thanks