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  1. by   rentrix_yan
    hi iammiguelhenry.

    i understand how you feel about your application with reference to your experience and indeed you are qualified. i agree with what chione03 inform you. the answers to some of your question can be found from the previous post. seriously, i have to do a quick research on that. and if i'll be lucky to have a response from my new friends (nurses who presently work in libya) i have met in filsino on my fb, then i'd be delighted to answer your queries. also, my dad used to work in libya before the civil war. he taught libyan nursing student how to speak in english so my pop might be a great help. =)

    by the way, chione03 you're welcome.

  2. by   tengkoromanez20
    hi im from concorde of our batch mates said ( as he was called by concrode the other day) that there are still no new updates regarding our visas and tickets. But the secretary told him, that this year will be the possible yr to fly to Libya and it wont take us the following yr for deployment.

    i am hoping it soon to arrive ( visa & ticket). and im thinking what if our medical is past overdue(6mos)?? Will they shoulder the medical exam the next time around?

    Fingers and toes crossed for this long wait.....
  3. by   iAmMiguelhenry
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]thank you chione03 rentrix_yan for your reply.i'm so frustrated already that is why i applied in Libya for grater opportunities if possible for my CI work experience and Hospital. at rentrix_yan if your friend in FB( from libya) would respond on my query pls, that would be a great help for me and everyone who is reading this blogs. Thank you everyone let us just Hope and pray for God has its reason for us.Godbless
  4. by   iAmMiguelhenry
    thank you so much your a great help. Godbless
  5. by   rentrix_yan
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Hi Guyz. Everyone who's agency is FILSINO.

    I finally found out a way to be updated everyday about our application. Whew! SO hard to call them everyday, especially if the one who pick up the phone has poor customer service. But good thing we'll no longer have this anxious feeling we get from not giving us real-time update . click this link

    search for Filsino/ Staffline Libya Nurses & Midwives on FB [FONT=comic sans ms]or log in to your FB then type the lnk above on the search engine. Godbless everyone.
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  6. by   jeni_101988
    wow thanks for this link i am more depressed.some of those guys on the pics are my batchmates during interview(march) and medical exam..*sighhhh i still got no update with about you?do you know the date of your departure?
  7. by   rentrix_yan
    hi jeni_101988 .

    you're welcome. not a prob. as long as i can help. . . . well, one big sighhh. that's what i have search for now. no other updates given to me by our agency. . . . .i need to learn more about being patient, it's very tough right now. let us show persevere and continue to have faith. goodeve & gbu to everyone!
  8. by   jeni_101988
    yeah let's all think positive...God has a plan..=)...keep updating!
  9. by   mackintosh_03
    hi... mark here..... my Agency is STB-DJL ... i passed the interview for Hawari Gen. Hospital... im part of their 1st Batch.. but still.. Visa Processing is bit Delayed bcuz of Ramadan... any Nurse hir from Same Agency STB-DJL???? hopefully.. we'll get deployed after Ramadan... GodBless us!
  10. by   rentrix_yan
    helo guyz. i decided that i'm gonna be sharing important events happening in libya/ their daily news fresh from libya, it will be like this until my ticket arrives. ^^,).

    hope it will be helpful to everyone.

    "libya's ntc sets date for power transfer
    handover comes amid heightened insecurity and violent incidents that lead red cross to suspend part of its activities. -
    libyan authorities said that three men suspected of planning bomb attacks were killed in a sting operation outside the capital.
    "the brain of the operation refused to surrender and fought fiercely which resulted in the death of three people, including him," said saleh darhoub, spokesman of the ruling national transitional council (ntc).-

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  11. by   rentrix_yan
    [FONT=comic sans ms]Guyz. good eve. here's another helpful info. Log on to your facebook and search this group "MOH Libya Flash Update 2012". You'll know what are the good news and bad news everyday. Guaranteed ^^,)
  12. by   Kris Cel
    hi, nice to found this site. most of my inquiries are answered here...
    thank you.. i got selected in Concorde agency on last week of may for BMC, but still we are yet receiving an update on our schedule for medical... its been 2 months since we signed the J.O...
  13. by   lovechildkatt
    hi, anyone bound for Benghazi? Al Marwa hospital, under MMS Intl?