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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   zephie814
    @thaddeus: I'm under Swiss Care. I am not sure if what is stated in my contract is the same with other companies. Mine says I am to receive a certain amount (salary offer, which i think varies with each applicant); the contract is good for two years; accommodation, transpo and food will be provided and I will be working 8 hours a day, 6 days a week and annual vacation of not less than 30 days. I forgot about the sick leave but i know there is a provision for it.

    Mam **** said deployment may start this week or next week.
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  2. by   kreutz
    @thaddeus... im under NB... all benefits are written in the contract... i'm now waiting for the stamping result and then for the flight details...
  3. by   thaddeus
    Wow! Thanks for all the infos zephie and kreutz!
    it does ease my confusion!

    anyway, kreutz, may i know how long is the waiting period for the visa stamping?
    Thank you very much.

    Godspeed nurses!
  4. by   cool_avrn03
    gud day to all...im new here...im from best one.is there anyone here from al ruwad?
    whatz the latest news reg. our visa?
    tnx guys...GOD bless us all...
  5. by   kreutz
    @thaddeus... i really dunno how long but as i heard, they said within 1 week only...
  6. by   Dinx
    @cool avrn03: I'm also under Al Ruwad. So far our visas are not yet available todate. I just called Best One a while ago and sad to say they are still waiting for Al Ruwad visas. Just keep posted for updates. If by chance you have a new info regarding our visas feel free to post it here so that others may know. Thanks.
  7. by   thaddeus
    guys, i don't mean to burst your bubble, i'm somewhat confused with our application..

    we're under ministry of health right, but the subcons were private?

    i haven't read my contract under Gulf National that's why there are so may questions in my mind.

    someone from Kuwait told me that the subcons were "private" hospitals and they might change our contract once we're in Kuwait.. blah blah blah... and they might change our work as dental nurse which has smaller pays... i also heard that since there's a middleman in our contract, the salary offered is subjected to a "cut" for the subcon.

    negativity...i know right!
    correct me please! super confused here! thanks guys!

    Godspeed Nurses!
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  8. by   Dinx
    Just wait for your contract. After carefully reading and understanfing every detail, then it's the perfect time to make a decision to withdraw or push through. There are no guarantees what so ever. There had been a lot being said and wrote in this thread bearing both negative and positive updates. It's really your call...
  9. by   nursejv
    Hello Guys!

    Well its true that we have agency there in KUWAIT. like in my case its VIRTUS there and BESTONE here. according to my friend. KUWAIT GOVERNMENT has new policy in getting nurses. they prefer INDIA and PHILIPPINES so they went in this two countries to conduct exams.
    Kuwait Government use their LOCAL AGENCY "the subcons" in order for the government to generate income because their local agency wont so they tied up with our agency here so its TWO agency manning the employment of the NURSES tru MOH.
    Though its SUbcon still the CONTRATC and SALARY will be provided by the GOVERNMENT itself not by the Subcons. SALARY that is transpired in the COntratc you signed in will not changed. and its the MOH will give the salary.

    Hoping that this Information is true according to my friend working in MOH in Kuwait.

    Godbless everyone!
  10. by   Dinx
    @nursejv: How's your flight details? Do you already have the plane ticket and date of departure? I do hope we from Al Ruwad can catch up with this year's deployment. We still dont have our visas. Though I am not yet 100% sure to push through but at least we can finish this application off no matter what. As the saying goes " i'll cross the bridge when I get there". Good Luck and God Bless to all.
  11. by   nursejv
    Hello DINX.

    Well LAst August 15. ALBAHAR Group was already DEPLOYED. hope to get feedback from them. We from VIRTUS, 20 and 25 of this month are target date of deployment. that 2nd Batch..
    In my Case my NBI DFA didnt catch the target date of Aug.25 deployment. so our Agency told me to take the slot of 3rd BAtch on the Firts week of September.
    Hope everything will be Great for us.
    My Friend from ALRUWAD too has the same feelin as yours. Hope and Pray it will materialize sooner or later

  12. by   mrmiyagi
    are there a lot of male nurses applying for kuwait or other middle eastern countries? i keep hearing scary rumors about the middle east.
  13. by   Dinx
    I think there are a number of male aspirants for Kuwait-MOH nurses. Everywhere you go there are scary stories specially if they are just rumors.

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