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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   Dinx
    @nursejv and seveneighteen: Are you both done with the Medicals and PDOS? When would be your flight date to Kuwait? Good luck Nurses. Please update this board anytime soon.
  2. by   nursejv
    Hello Dinx. Yes Everything is done. BESTONE told us that this AUgust 20 will be the tentative date for deployment. SO wee need to pay the last payment...
  3. by   Dinx
    That's Great!!! August 20 is just around the corner. Congratulations!!! I'm not sure if we under Al Ruwad will make it because until now we still don't have our visas. Anyway, if you have time when you get there in kuwait please update us of what's been going on with you guys...Thanks a lot...Bon Voyage soon!!!
  4. by   markrehas72
    hi every1, I’m from virtus. I just received a txt message from Ms ***** telling me that I need to pay my remaining balance of 90,175 until Tuesday so I’ll be booked by august 20. I called her in their office for some clarifications she told me again the very same reason why she need the full payment, our agency abroad won’t send our tickets until all payments are made. 50k + 90,175= 140,175 TOTAL PAYMENT.
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  5. by   markrehas72
    i just want to know are we all have the same amount of payment? Is there anyone here already paid their remaining balance?
  6. by   hotaru_inari083
    Isnt it the ticket is paid by MOH???
  7. by   kreutz
    Placement fee differs according to contract we signed (salary offer). So probably not all of us have the same amount of payment.

    btw, plane tickets are paid by MOH. my agency told me to pay the remaining balance if the ticket is already available.
  8. by   thaddeus
    [FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi there nurses!
    Is anyone here from Mother's Way Agency?
    I heard that the contract for Gulf National company has not yet arrived... do you guys know the reason?
    Also, are they giving official receipts for the downpayment they're asking?
    I'm from Mother'sway Gulf National but I haven't paid the downpayment..
    The agency said that they will not process my Visa stamping even if i pay for it unless i give them the 50% of my placement.
    That is 50k for the placement plus 15k for visa stamping and 10500 for the authentication of papers in Kuwait embassy.
    I hope someone could help me here..i just want to be sure..
    thank you all!
    Godspeed nurses!
  9. by   male_nurse22
    Good day everyone! I guessed that everyone is very excited with the progress of your applications. My agency is Mother's Way I've heard that visas already arrived and some of my batch mates had undergone medical examinations where in they paid 2730 Php. I contacted the agency if I have a visa and they answered back that I have to wait for 1-2 weeks.
  10. by   zephie814
    @thaddeus: im from mother's way. i have already paid the 50% down payment based on the salary offer although i haven't been able to pay the full 10500 for the authentication fee in kuwait embassy. yes, the agency did issue receipts - two actually - one for the 50% down payment and the other is for the authentication fee. im still in the process of completing the required documents like having my coe stamped at saudi embassy since this is a requirement for ex-saudi applicants.

    i have no idea as to the contract for applicants under Gulf National. better call the agency about this. just be patient
  11. by   thaddeus
    thank you zephie!
    may I know under what company are you?
    have you read your contract already? what are their promise?
    thank you.
    Godspeed nurses!
  12. by   kreutz
    MOTHERS WAY nurses....

    As what I know, the 50% down payment will be paid to the agency we have in kuwait like GN, etc... and the other 50% is for the agency here. Yes, they will give a temporary receipt... (The one they issued to us is not validated because there is no RP seal.) If you will not pay the 10500, of course your documents will not be processed in kuwait embassy. If the documents are already stamped, then they will send that to kuwait so that the MOH will book a flight detail... Probably after the release of stamped documents, either 1-2 weeks the flight detail will be sent to the philippines... As the agency said, they are on the rush... BTW, the visa will expire around the month of October this year.
  13. by   thaddeus
    thanks for the info kreutz.
    are you from Gulf National too?
    have you read the details of our contract?

    I'm still waiting for my COE to be authenticated by Manila City Hall and then will bring it to DFA for RedRibbon before going to the agency...Hope by that time our contract has arrived because from what I've heard the contracts for Gulf National were brought back to Kuwait because of some errors.

    Godspeed Nurses!