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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I believe there were 3 agencies ... Read More

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    anybody got updates on safe future?tnx..

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    I passby at the agency today to pass my red ribbon but maam *** told me to pass it completely when they text me after the arrival of visa.. She also told me that the visa will arrive this 3rd week of january hopefully!!
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    tnx for the info luczies. hopefully the visa will arrived 3rd wek on this month. i haven't spend christmas and new year wd my family bcoz of this. and im broke nw..hehe...anyway tnx..keep posted...
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    Have u done ur medical??? They said, the early the medical, the early the deployment!!!
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    i had my medical last december 27,im still waiting for the result. the lab where i had my medical just opened today..ill be ecpecting there txt later this dau or tom.
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    The result will be forwarded to the agency, dont text the lab.. Confirm it by texting the agency!!
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    Quote from luczies
    The result will be forwarded to the agency, dont text the lab.. Confirm it by texting the agency!!
    done trxting the agency..no reply yet,.
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    to MOH Kuwait RNs who help us by answering our queries, thank u very much

    i have additional questions though. what do we do when undergoing police verification in kuwait?

    about the repeat medical exam in kuwait, can you give us information on what tests/procedures you undergone through?

    was there a physical (naked) exam, MRI, CT, or KUB?

    how much is the cost?
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    For police verification, you will go to their police station and just do finger printing, Kuwait police authority will be the one to verify it from our NBI regarding our records.As for the medical exam here, as what I've said it is free of charge. Just a routine chest xray, blood lab, urine, stool and does not require you to get naked (do you have trauma for this?) no MRI, CT, KUB.Just a piece of advise, please verify the exact offer if you're really bound for MOH hospital. It's so frustrating to work here knowing your salary is only the offered 250KD while most staffs who came here ahead are enjoying 700-800KD salary. Also, be aware that deployment wont be fast, most of us waited for 6-8 months after the interview before we got our flight. Dont assume anything, not even if you already have your visa. The best indicator is having your plane ticket available.I also heard that ADM will also conduct MOH exam later this month or February and they're bound for MOH hospitals. The Ministry of Health here is planning to recruit 1,000 nurses from Philippines, India, Egypt and Sudan (just heard this from our Head Nurse).
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    @ sir dinx ... Hello there sir... Just wanna ask, did you sign first the job offer before your medical or vice versa? Because the agency told us to have our medical first then if fit to work, next step visa processing, then the final job offer will be seen. I don't know why the agency having a hard time to present to us the job offer, the fact that we should review first the offer of the employer before we proceed to the next step, is that right sir? So that we have a choice if we will pursue our application or not... The agency told me that 850 US dollar is the basic salary, but for the other benefits like OT, night diff, etc, they don't know, she said to wait for the final offer, but we have to do our medical first...I also want to ask you, the time when you signed your job offer here in Philippines, is it only the basic salary that is indicated in the offer? And what about the other allowances like OT, area of specialty, night diff, etc , did they also included it in the offer Or in Kuwait? Thanks for your reply

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