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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I believe there were 3 agencies ... Read More

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    Hi everyone I've been reading post from page 1 up until the last. I found this very informative as what others told with their post, truly it is. Its my first time to post my own opinion about Kuwait MOH. Most of you here are from Manila Based Agency right? I'm from North Cotabato and C.A.A. Manpower Corp was my agency based in Davao City. Me and 2 of my close friends went to the agency and apply as a staff nurse in Kuwait, It was Sept of last year when we were offered employment and was asked to submit the necessary docs. We were endorsed for a Pre-med at medisense Lab(which is currently facing a crisis with DOH) we paid 1,500php for that said premedical.(CXR, VDRL,HIV test,Hep B test only) after which we waited for updates and MOH exams was always cancelled and we dont know the reason. January 8, 2012 accdg to our agency was the final sched for our exam, and yes we did our exam followed by Interview by MOH delegates from Kuwait. After passing the Interview one of the Hospital named Al Salam International Hospital in Kuwait had their representative(Chief Nurse) and conduct their screening interview for like 300 nurses who passed the exam. 33 (29 females, 4 males) of us passed the interview and were offered a provisional offer, they let us sign the offer and welcomed us to their Hospital. Until today apr2,2012 were still waiting for our visa to arrive and yes its truly a long wait for a KuWAIT.

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    mokz- are you sure that the exam of MOH was done last january 8, 12 because regarding to agencies here in Manila up to know they still dont have the exact date of the exam sand all of their applicants are still waiting...
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    Al Salam International Hospital is a private hospital, it is not under Ministry of Health. As what I've said before, any exam for Kuwait hospitals (private or government) will be conducted by a Ministry of Health delegation as it is already their licensure exam. What I think most applicants are waiting under ADM, Best One etc is the MOH exam for government hospitals which offers 650KD salary a month.
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    Yup, we took our exam last January 8, 2012. From what I know those nurses who took the exam are from C.A.A. Manpower Corp only. We were about 300 nurses and almost half passed the exam.
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    In response to your post Dinx, I believe that those applicants who are still waiting for exam are to be deployed in Government Hosp. As what I've said out of 177 who passed the exam, only 33 of us were hired by Al Salam. The rest were still waiting to be deployed in the following Hosp. (Royal Hyatt, Alorf Hosp, Dasman Diabet Inst., Al Ebtisama Clinic). If you noticed those are Private Hospitals so I think our batch were all be deployed in Private Hospitals. To those who are waiting for their exam just be patient because 650kd is far good compared to our Salary.
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    Yes, those hospitals you mentioned are all private hospitals, Royal Hyatt was just recently named the no. 1 hospital here in Kuwait for 2 consecutive years. I also have a friend who works there but the work load is too much according to him and salary is just half as to the salary of government hospitals, benefit-wise, it's better to be in a government hospital because the Ministry of Health is your direct employer, plus work load is much lighter compared to private hospitals. Pull-out never happens in my hospital but to private hospitals, it is almost always since staffs are limited unlike with government hospitals, staffs are more than enough to cover nurse-patient ratio. This past week, we only have at the average of 10-12 patients in our unit, nurses on duty-15. LOL !!!

    Anyway, whatever opportunities coming your way should not be taken for granted. God Bless us Nurses.
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    Dinx, I just wanna know how it feels like working in Kuwait? I mean how does Nursing here and in there differs? I'm just a staff nurse in a secondary hospital with obsolete machines and stuffs, LOL. Anyway, I'm a little bit anxious because soon I'll be working in a Big hospital with of course advanced machines and more trained personnel. Please give me some piece of advice coz I'm just one of the hopeful nurses who feels the same way.
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    You don't have to worry about work here per se as a nurse, we do have the skills and the knowledge to perform our duties. Trust me, things will be done accordingly when you will be here aleady. All work when handed to you will be learned as time goes by, so no worries.
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    thanks a lot... that atleast lessen my anxiety. How about the accommodation, food, co-workers, immediate supervisors and patients you handled? Can you share to me some insights or your experiences with those may it be positive or negative... highly appreciated.
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    Our accommodation is free and was provided by the ministry and our hostel is fully furnish and nice. I have no idea about for private hospitals which I knew is provided by sub-cons (not sure as well).

    Co-workers: just do good with your work and basically be nice to them and in return they will be nice to you and it also goes to supervisors, patients etc....

    Just focus on your application first, maybe it will take long before you can come here. Just enjoy your stay while you are still waiting in the Philippines. Take it sway-sway ( arabic for slowly!)

    Good Luck and God Bless!!!

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