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Hi, I am new to this site and I found it very informative. This would be my first post. I would just like to know if anybody on this board wrote the Kuwait MOH exam last March 18 in PICC? I... Read More

  1. by   Dinx
    @nursejv: Does the contract details include what hospital will you be working in Kuwait? Thanks.
  2. by   anna01
    hi guys!any comment on Best One agency?We need help regarding your experiences about this agency,so we can able to choose early and wisely,so as not to spend too much money. Any idea about their placement fee?their processing after passing the exam and interview?Thanks!any comment is a big help.
  3. by   Dinx
    I think no agency is perfect as to how they process applications and Best One is no exemption. There are many factors that can make an application look good and bad wherein agencies does not have control either. Honestly, I cannot define basis as how to rate Best One. Your best move, find it yourself but be vigilant along the way. Good Luck.
  4. by   Piorf
    wew! guys i just got my visa.. i thought i wont be able to make it because my previous agency (al-essa company kuwait) did not cancel my visa after working for them for 2 years.. just heard the news this morning that my visa arrived. have to fix all my papers tomorrow.

    im from ADM agency btw. how much did best one and mom's way charged you guys? i heard from adm is 165 pesos multiplied by the offer,ie 670x165 = 110550pesos.

    i heard BEST ONE agency is also working for AL Essa Comp.. guys, i just want to warn you against al-essa company.. dont work for this company as much as possible..

    if you have read the news paper in kuwait(kuwait times), you will see how this company harasses both Filipino and Indian workers.. i would say that Filipinos are alucky because POLO-OWWA-Phil Embassy help us there in kuwait unlike the Indian govt.

    Though, i heard that their general managers are different now, i cant assure you that their management has changed too. back then, we dont receive our salary on time, our service is not on time or does not come at all. our co-workers dont receive any assistance when they get in trouble(one of my friends was hit by a car:no assistance. one was inside the serice when a juwaiti throw a stone and hit her:no assistance).
    it was very dissapointing but my frineds are just waiting for their contracts to end. most of them are coming back next year and you would see that AL-ESSA company has a lot of endorsements in workabroad website..

    contract details wont include where we will work because we will only be applying in hospitals once we are there. I have 4-7 housemates who were,supposedly,to work in MOH but were assigned to private hospitals. Some of them even worked as office staffs in AL-Essa company..

    Goodluck guys.. hopefully, we will be there in early September.
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  5. by   Dinx
    Congratulations Piorf! Thanks for the advise as well. Best One have 3 subcons and they are Al Bahar, virtus and Al Ruwad. Through my research in the internet, it's Virtus Who's connected with Al Essa. Anyway, i'm hoping and praying that everybody will be fine.
  6. by   kreutz
    The only thing i could say is that ARAB COUNTRIES will always be ARAB COUNTRIES... Nothing will change especially with their attitude... They are just good when they need us... But on the other side, their attitude as what they are, will always be obvious. So just be careful when you are there already guys. And ooops, before i forgot, i have a friend working in BLA BLA BLA told me that Filipinos' safety is no longer guaranteed by DFA. the Philippine embassy in kuwait is in negative certificate category that's why filipinos are vulnerable to be abused... There is no labor law for filipinos. (My friend just joined the hearing in OWWA this month...)
  7. by   Dinx
    @Kreutz: Are you not pushing through with the Kuwait-MOH application? thought you're ready to go? Anyway,to those who were already in Kuwait and to those who are about to go, just be very careful guys...you have our prayers...
  8. by   Piorf
    you are right kreutz, i have read that Kuwait is the country where Filipinos are most abused.. but those workers are those who work as domestic helpers.. during my stay there, it is normal to hear Filipinas with broken arms and legs because they would usually jump from their employers windows. I even met a "YAYA'' or nanny(by her looks,around 40years and above) who is being molested by her teenager(17 i think). the bad thing is that, some Filipinos tolerate how they are treated. The reason I left Kuwait is because I dont like how my previous company treated us. I can actually prolong my stay there however i chose not to because it is not worth it(i had to finish 2 years or else pay because of breach of contract)..

    during my stay, i had fought a lot of times against arabs and indians. I almost beat my Egyptian doctor in our ER but my Filipina friend intercepted. Later that day, the supervisor talked to me but i never got any sanction. I wont argue if I know it's my fault.

    Im not a racist but I would say that arabs and indians are just a bunch of chicken heads. They like verbal arguments but are afraid of being beaten.. enough of the negative side.

    well.. i'll add some more.. dont be too friendly to arabs and indians, most of the time they would misunderstand you(especially the girls).. they see filipinas as outgoing-party lover people or in short.. *****.. males who are neat(short hair, no mustache or beard or hairless) are seen as gay and i do have a male housemate(clean,fair and gay) who experienced being stopped-by and called in the streets by arab men.. i saw in the tv that there was a man who was raped and now has hiv.. he said, he just left the gym(12midnight hmm..) and was waiting for a cab. a kuwaiti stopped and told him that he'll bring him(Filipino) to his hostel.. unfortunately, he was brought to the desert and there were five more men.. there he was raped and beaten..

    on the positive side.. as long as you keep yourself safe, you'll be safe. i never enjoyed my stay in kuwait but im really glad i was able to send money to my 2 kids.
  9. by   kreutz
    Dinx, im not pushing through not to continue those who could read it but im just letting filipinos know what to expect, in sort of ways, when they get there already. Frankly, when i heard that news, seemed my friend discouraging me but i saw the other side what he meant deeply to utter... And yes, he was right. And he told me that so i could double my guard and be safe as much as possible...

    anyways, don't go out of the flat or hostel or apartment alone... too dangerous. I've already been to arab country also and i know how the local people think. Few only of them are civilized.

    Piorf is right. :P
  10. by   nursejv
    Hi Kreutz,

    Well the owner of BESTONE AGENCY told me that all MOH NURSES bound to KUWAIT will only knew their respective assigned hospital once we get there through the MINISTRY itself. They are the one who will give the designation to Public hospitals .. Unlike PRIVATE EMPLOYER they already gave the name of the HOSPITAL prior to select and hired Nurses.. like as we have seen in different agency posted such as in workabroad.ph website.
  11. by   kreutz
    nursejv... same also with the mothers way agency, that's what they said to me. We will assign to different public hospitals where the MOH working.
  12. by   Piorf
    same info from ADM. All males will be staying in Farwaniya(quite far, i dont like the place) while the females will stay in salmiya(very lucky).

    so we'll be seeing each other there in the hostel! lol.. actually, it is like a direct hire.. i also heard that we might only get a our full salary after 8months(so expect 8 mos will pass before you can send money home).
  13. by   nursejv
    Hello Collegue!

    Priof, Is that true? well i hope not. its hard for our part specially the one who lend money.. huhuhuhu