I have a question for filipino nurses in Australia

  1. Hi. I would just like to know if it really is a requirement for filipino registered nurses to undergo a bridging course? You see, my boyfriend is a nurse in the Philippines. He's been working as a registered nurse there for over 2 years now. I just recently moved to Vicotria, Australia. He is thinking of moving here too. Recently, he applied for registration at the Nursing Board of Victoria(NBV). And we also found an agency who can help sponsor him going here..so we're just waiting for the NBV registration. Ive been going over the website of NBV, and I dont see anything about a bridging course. I also asked my friend in Canberra(who knows a filipino nurse who migrated from the Phils last december) if he had to undergo a bridging course, he said no. all his friend did was take the ielts exam, apply for registration at the nursing board of NSW, and found an agency that sponsored him. I'm really worried about the bridging course..its really expensive. Hai..it might be much longer than I thought before I see my boyfriend again. I would really appreciate your help and your reply. God bless.
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  3. by   narsbing
    The Board of Nursing conducts programs to assess the competence of overseas qualified nurses and midwives who have been referred for assessment by the Nurse and Midwives Board.

    During the program the overseas qualified nurse and midwife is oriented to the Australian Health Care System and the role of the registered nurse, enrolled nurse and midwife (as applicable).

    The participant enters the program with an assumed level of knowledge and skill.

    As such, participants are not 'taught' nursing/midwifery; they are oriented to the standards of practice in Australia.

    Applicants are recommended to review their nursing/midwifery knowledge prior to commencing the program. Resources that may be used to assist you include nursing/midwifery journals and any recent text books, for example: medical/surgical, midwifery, anatomy and physiology and nursing fundamentals.
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    Thanks narsbing for replying. Do you mean he has to undergo a program before he is applicable for registration? Do you know of any nurses who didn't have to take that program? Can they give you your registration first, then you can take the program at the same time work as a nurse? Sorry for all the questions, I just wasn't aware of all this.
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    I know a filipina nurse that pass and completed the program and she said not all will qualify, some failed and didnt manage to have their license.

    With regards to your other question

    "Can they give you your registration first, then you can take the program at the same time work as a nurse?"

    I believe the answer is NO. They wont give you your registration unless you can prove your competency in nursing practice especially if you didnt study and train in Australia.
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    really? where did she go for training? how much was it? im planning to enroll him for the program next year..but i dont know what institutions in melbourne give that kind of training and how much it is. thank you narsbing..youre heaven sent!
  7. by   narsbing
    she registered in sydney nsw.


    [color=#4f1f91]standards for institutions wishing to develop competence assessment programs leading to eligibility for registration and enrolment

    this document outlines the requirements for organisations seeking nurses and midwives board approval to provide competence assessment programs to enable individual applicants referred by the board to satisfy the requirements for registration and / or enrolment. these individual applicants will usually be persons who have been educated in other countries, as nurses or midwives. the board may refer other applicants for competence assessment.

    at that time it was only 6000 aud for overseas qualified nurse assessment program, but i believe the program have increased to 7000 aud or up.



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    what if i failed, is ok to do it all over again??
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  9. by   narsbing

    For Nursing Board of Victoria

    For your question of where she registered.

    she registered in sydney new south wales


    for bice29
    Some of the foreign nurses came from nigeria, sudan, thailand, korea, china and only 3 were from the Philippines out of 24 participants

    Unsuccessful outcome
    If you have been unsuccessful in either the theoretical or clinical component of the assessment program you will be issued with a letter inviting you to make an appointment to meet with your program coordinator or the Manager, Assessment and Training Services. The purpose of this meeting is to explain how the outcome has been reached, to review your written or clinical assessments and to provide you with information regarding other avenues into nursing in Australia.

    Recommended for retraining
    You have been unable to meet many individual competencies and require constant verbal and physical cues to avoid unsafe delivery of patient care and therefore, not suitable to be assessed for enrolment.

    In the opinion of the Clinical Assessment Panel you have demonstrated unsafe practice that is not open to improvement within the given time frame.
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    hello narsbing. Do you know someone who works as a Filipino nurse in Australia? Or anyone who used to work there?
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    I lost the link to bridge program. Could someone post it.
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    [im a RN here in australia...from pinas
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    all licensed nurses here in the philippines need to take a "pre-registration course" to be a registered nurse in australia. ive talked with a registered migration officer of australia and this was what she told me. The pre-registration course are for overseas nurses who wants to work in australia as Level 1 (nurse). Victoria University offers this course for 8k+ aus dollars. This course is for 3 mos and after which you're already a RN there no more board exams unlike in US. You should submit all the requirements to the nursing board of victoria for you to be eligible to take the said course. I'm still waiting for the june 2008 board exam results since one of there requirements is the license number.
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