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Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

  1. 0 there any hospitals here in quezon city still hiring for nursing attendants?...

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    any other hospitals near quezon city accepting application for nurses..
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    hi, do you guys know if st. lukes' in qc is hiring?
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    hello. good morning. why don't you try Manila Doctors Hospital. thy'll be conducting training next year. First batch will be on January. There'll be 50-50 chances of getting hired once you undergo their trainings which costs 6k for 3 months. I jut got hired this month as a Staff Nurse =) Good luck guys. The requirements are the usual things like Resume, training certs etc.
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    Quote from missrubyRN
    hi, do you guys know if st. lukes' in qc is hiring?
    They just did months ago. This happened because of their mass resignation. There's an agency abroad that gets nurses from st luke's. Theyre very particular with the requirements since you have to submit those to them completely. And yes again from the previous post that those with incomplete data wont be entertain. I was suppose to submit my complete requirements when the Manila Doctors Hospital called me. =)
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    Quote from Matt818
    Yeah me too!!.. I'm interested to be trained in Madocs.. how come they are still entertaining trainees since they have been in 'freeze hiring" status since last year?? I am keenly interested as to how are you able to penetrate that Hospital though it is very impossible to just get in right away... share your tips as many nurses are in very dire need for hospital employment which will not abuse the situation.
    They're just saying that but the hiring goes every 3 months, and mainly it depends on the needs of the hospital. You can leave your requirements and log on to their application form. It would be easy for you to apply if you're a Madocs graduate, experienced staff nurse, or got backer inside the institution. but if you haven't got any of those, then you'll need to exert a lot of effort. Just like the same thing happened to me. I struggled a lot for this position. But in the end of everything.... God answered my prayers =)) Keep on praying and hoping.
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    Good day mister eighteen. I would just like to ask if Madocs has an operating Hemodialysis Unit, and what is it's bed cap? Thanks. =)

    I mean the hospital's overall bed cap, not the HD unit's cap.
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    good morning. yes, we do have hemodialysis unit. located 2nd floor right side of the main building. our bed capacity is 300. not that bad, its also a 4star tourism hospital =) try your luck there.
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    Thank you for your quick response. I'll try passing the requirements tomorrow. I hope I'll be included on next year's first batch. =)

    If you wouldn't mind, how do I get from Trinoma to Madocs? I'm not really from Manila so I badly need some sort of guide. I don't want to look like wasted when I reach the HR just because I had a difficult time looking for it ha-ha! Thanks once again! =)
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    hello mister eighteen is madocs still have ongoing training? pwede pa ba mag apply.. anu requirements.. reply asap please thanks..

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