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Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

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    Quote from mikelui
    i called them up yesterday.. unfortunately, there's no available slot for this training..
    I went there yesterday to pass the requirements and yes, they told me all the slots are already full. The lady told me that the next training would be by november. But i insisted to pass my papers still.. hehe, i just told her that i'll just leave my papers there in case somebody backs out..

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    are there any hospitals still accepting trainees/volunteers in NCR this august?
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    i heard that st lukes global is now open for question is, does someone here happened to pass their credential for st lukes gc,what are the req need to pass? and where to pass those requirements,in GC or in QC?ive seen some post in other threads that applicants for GC can pass thier requirements at st lukes qc.can somebody answer my queries please.your reply is very much appreciated.thank you
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    SLMC global city is on freeze-hiring..they will just put your credentials and resume together with other resumes on a box.. they said they will resume their hiring for nurses by let's wait and be hopeful that, that is true. =))
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    I hope they will build more hospitals in metro manila so that thousands of nurses will be employed...
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    hi guys!
    any update regarding those hospitals accepting trainees?
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    hi nurses, any nursing staff/volunteer opening this october? pls inform us. thanks!!
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    Thank you for all the information. Those were really helpful. I am still waiting for updates. I just recently passed NLE. :redpinkhe
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    Lung Center of the Philippines has a Critical Care Course training for three months... But it's required that you had a Basic skills training experience in other hospitals or in LCP... For more info. just call 924-61-01 local 270/385... or visit their website,
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    hey. hello fellow nurses. any updates in PCMC and capitol?? i heard that they're on hiring for staff nurses, is that true?

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