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Hospitals in Metro Manila Currently Hiring Nurse Applicants - page 8

Hi everyone! I've visited a particular thread with the list of requirements for application, however, I wish to know which hospitals are currently open to hire and absorb nurses. :specs:... Read More

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    @quackmoonstar: send me also a private message about the address...Thanks..
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    to quackmoonstar and felicitypaul:
    Ae the two hospital a public hospitals? if it's a public hospital.. Do you know where to apply? Are you going to apply in the city hall of quezon city or to a particular hospital? where and when is the screening process for these hospitals?
    Sorry if I'm asking too much question... Any reply would be very much appreciated. thank you.
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    good evening? are there still hospitals that conducts training? volunteer or BST?
    im a fresh grad.. november batch(licensure exam)
    im done with trainings such as BLS and now im waiting for my IVT on the last week of June.

    could anyone give me some infos about it!
    thank u very much

    -nurse GLY
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    hi..quackmoonstar I am a hemodialysis nurse and i am also very much interested in that hospital specializing in kidney diseases can you please also send me the complete info.your reply will be much appreciated.thanks!
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    to quackmoonstar: please PM me for any information about these hospitals.. please. thank you very much..
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    im sooo frusrated by now...does any one know where can i apply as a volunteer or staff nurse..had my licensure last november '09 still jobless, i trained in dialysis bu still have no job..please anyone there reading this..leave a message, so desperate
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    I think those two hospitals would be operating after 2-3 years.
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    Yeah, felicitypaul is probably right. I'll keep you guys updated here.
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    hi quackmoonstar! can you pm me the address and number of the two hospitals you mentioned? I'm interested to apply. Please reply thank you. )
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    To quackmoonstar..I am also interested to apply..kindly PM me too the address.thanks!
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    hi wud like to ask what are other hospitals here in manila accepting application fro new nurses,be like nurse trainee,volunteer.
  12. Visit  jake69 profile page a newbie on this site..Im a registered nurse since July 2008...I got my first job as a Staff Nurse at a private first-level tertiary hospital in Bulacan as an ward/ER staff and spent 1 year there from Jan'09-Feb'10...Now I am currently connected to the Philippine Blood Center of the DOH as Nurse II...i am completely contented with my job right now,good salary and benefits, etc..but i wanna really get employed in a hospital that specializes in kidney...its my dream to work at NKTI, want to get training for HD...just that i didnt have the funds to do know how costly are the if i may ask...where is that hospital to be built in QC that will specialize in kidney? i wanna apply...hope somebody can PM me...btw, about commmonwealth hospital...i know where to apply there, the address and tel no...thanks and god bless to all Pinoy RNs!
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    Quote from jake69
    btw, about commmonwealth hospital...i know where to apply there, the address and tel no...thanks and god bless to all Pinoy RNs!
    Do you mind sharing where to apply for nurse position in Commonwealth Hospital? Godbless you too.