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Hospitals in Bulacan

  1. 0 Hey! Does anyone know hospitals in Bulacan that are accepting nurse volunteers or trainees as of the moment? Thanks for the reply in advance.
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    I think BMC (Bulacan Medical Center) starts accepting applications for Nurse Trainees as early as November or December. That is for the January-April batch. For July-September, they start accepting on May. So I think it's quite late for the January batch. Just give it a try if there are still slots left. They are very strict with the IVT license. You should have them on hand together with the PNA membership card (updated).You can ask for the list of requirements on the Nsg. Service Office (NSO)

    You could also check out Our Lady of Mercy at Pulilan or Perez District Hospital at Hagonoy. Good luck on your hospital hopping.
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    Thanks!!! I've been wondering about BMC. I searched the net for the list of requirements and one of them are chest Xray and hepa B screening. Is this true? It's quite bothersome since I'd have to spend that much money just to submit a resume to the hospital.
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    Yes, Hep B screening and Chest X-ray are included in the requirements for BMC.
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    yes doctors need volunters..
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    san meron hiring for nurses?
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    Any idea what hospital in Bulacan accepting nurse volunteer?
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    i reckon theres a certain hospital i know of in malowlows bulacan.