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Hi everyone! I am scheduled for a final interview at Cardinal Santos on the last week of April.. Do you have any idea on what type of questions would they ask? Is it like, "explain the pathophysiology of blah blah blah...." or... Read More

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    Quote from hmvs_rn
    That's what they said to my friend who failed the exam, she can still retake. No, I don't have work experience but the HR and NSO employees who I talked to said that they're also hiring nurses who don't have work experience... And in the first place, why will they even let me take the exam if they're not hiring nurses without experience (like me)? I'm just saying. Hehehe. I took a board exam-like test, with computations. Hay. I really don't know the reason why I haven't received any updates from them, to think that I passed their qualifications for applicants who don't have work experience (one should have an 80% and above board rating, and/or good scholastic record), I was also able to pass their examination, I have an updated BLS and IVT. Is it because I don't have a 'backer'?
    hello..just wanna ask when did you pass your resume in cardinal? because i also went there to pass my resume last week..did they call you for the exam several weeks or months? hehe..i also dont have any working experience, though i had 11 months training on a tertiary hosp..hopefully they will also call me soon for the exam..=) Thanks..

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    I passed my resume on June 28 (morning). I took the exam on the same day (afternoon, around 2pm). It's a case to case basis I think. Some of my friends who applied there (before me) were contacted after few weeks. Good luck sir About the exam, if i'll rate its level of difficulty, it'll be around 6 to 8... Passing rate is 80%. Be sure to review on MS concepts, and get ready for the computations.
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    has anyone who had passed their application last 1st week of september and onwards been contacted for the nurse 1 position?

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