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Hi everyone! I am scheduled for a final interview at Cardinal Santos on the last week of April.. Do you have any idea on what type of questions would they ask? Is it like, "explain the pathophysiology of blah blah blah...." or... Read More

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    Quote from kmpnrn
    Hi guys! Anyone here took the initial exam last June 26? I haven't received any call or text from HRD.. Still hoping though..
    Anyway, from what I've read from the past posts (2011), the initial exam was actually an IQ exam, yet what I took last week was more on MS Nursing.. Was I in the wrong boat?
    I pray I'm still waiting for a good news...

    God bless us all!
    nice! you took initial exam last week? when did you pass your application? i passed my application 1st wk of June but i haven't received any text or call from them.

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    Are they still calling up applicants for the exams recently?
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    hello. whats the address of the application letter? thanks.
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    I also took the exam last June 26 and i haven't received any feedback from them too. I am starting to think that I did not qualify since they informed us that they'll be reaching us within that week if we passed.. I have also tried contacting the number from the HR asking if they have released the results for our exam yet they are not responding to my texts.
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    hi guys is CHMC still accepting nurse applicants?. i'm planning to pass my resume and other reqts. this week, by the way is there an application letter needed? from what I remember there are no letter required. Gosh It's really feel like it's hard to get-in in Cardinal :/.
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    Anyone here passed their resume/requirements and was ask to sign an application form??
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    When is the hospital open for training for staff nurses? I'm highly interested. tnx for the info.
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    Hello, fellow nurses! I just wanna share my story...

    I took the exam in CSMC last June 28. I called the person who's in charge with the application of nurses in HRD after a few days and asked if I passed the exam. He told me that I did (he even told me I got an 88%). Of course, I was sooo happy to hear the good news! Then, he instructed me to wait for his call regarding the schedule of my interview... But unfortunately, until now, he hasn't called. ((( I called him 5 times (if I'm not mistaken) for follow up and his response was always like this: "You will be contacted for the schedule of your interview." Haaay, it's been almost 3 months, but still no calls from him. It's sooo frustrating in my part because I don't know the reason why I haven't received any update from the HRD, to think that I already passed their examination! And also, I turned down 1 work opportunity because of my application in CSMC. Anyway, I'll be having my training in World Citi Medical Center on October 1. I wouldn't want to waste MORE time waiting for a call from an HR staff in CSMC. Hay. Anyway...

    May Your will be done, LORD! Don't lose hope, fellow nurses! Keep the faith!
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    Hi, I also took their test last month but unfortunately I got only 70% but they said that I could still retake the test. My only problem is that my IVT license was already expired so I have to renew it first.May I ask if you have a 2-3 years previous hospital experience and what kind of exam that you took,was it IQ test or Nursing board exam kind of test? Thanks.
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    That's what they said to my friend who failed the exam, she can still retake. No, I don't have work experience but the HR and NSO employees who I talked to said that they're also hiring nurses who don't have work experience... And in the first place, why will they even let me take the exam if they're not hiring nurses without experience (like me)? I'm just saying. Hehehe. I took a board exam-like test, with computations. Hay. I really don't know the reason why I haven't received any updates from them, to think that I passed their qualifications for applicants who don't have work experience (one should have an 80% and above board rating, and/or good scholastic record), I was also able to pass their examination, I have an updated BLS and IVT. Is it because I don't have a 'backer'?

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