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Hi everyone! :wavey: I'm planning to apply in SLMC-e.rod, though I heard that they will start the hiring process this coming September.. Do you have any idea on how many exams and interviews you will undergo before they will... Read More

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    Yay!!! we have a schedule.. Ma'am u know who texted me awhile ago.. it's tomorrow march 29,12.. see u guys there!!!

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    Quote from cherie rn
    Yay!!! we have a schedule.. Ma'am u know who texted me awhile ago.. it's tomorrow march 29,12.. see u guys there!!!
    See you guys! YEY!
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    Hi there,

    anyone here who had their qualifying exam last February 17,2012? I took the exam on the said date and never contacted by SLMC-DCA, does that mean I didnt pass the qualifying exam?
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    After the medical exam and you have completed the requirements in the HR what's next?
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    After completion of the requirements and after passing the medical exam, wait for the text informing you when the training will commence. Usually depends on when the previous batch will end their didactic phase.
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    How will you know if you failed the medical exam? Would they tell you right away?
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    If the result is border abnormal, sometimes they give some consideration. If with unusual findings, they put the applicant on hold until the health problem is resolved. They usually tell the applicant that they may just be included in the next batch given that their medical test will show normal results. Yes they will tell you right away.
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    hi, what are the requirements for the application in the training of SLMC? and how much is the payment for the qualifying exam? please leave comment thanks GOD BLESS
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    Hi to everyone! are they accepting applications as of NOW (april 23rd and onwards)? And also I'm kinda confused if where should i pass my requirements, is it on the pigeon box or should I also pass another set to DCA? i cant also find the contact number of DCA at the google huhu. can anyone please send me that thru pm, please.. thanks.

    @dodoy - How is the status of your application there?
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    Hello. I recieved a text from SLMC E. Rod this morning saying that I'll have an orientation tomorrow 9am for its first post graduate nurse training on May 7, 2012. The said orientation is to be held at a certain room in College of Medicine.Does anyone here receive the same text?I asked the sender if what attire I must wear but unfortunately theres no response from them yet.I passed my resume, I think last February or early March. Then, viola I receive a text regarding the orientation though I dont take any exams, or had inteviews yet. Is it possible???

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