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Times are changing for Philippine Nursing Education with CHED's plan for 2012. Article quoted from the Manila THE Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on Thursday said that it might close down popular courses... Read More

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    Quote from nurse_i
    There are a lot of nurses in call centers. I agree. Because I experienced it. I work in a BPO Company for a year because after passing the PNLE, volunteer nurse was the most available slot in the hospital especially if you don't have backer. Sad but its true.
    no. youre wrong.

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    Quote from steppybay
    The overall passing rate for nursing is low, does anyone know what the passing rate was for recent grads for Atteneo, UE, UP and UST, which are some of the best nursing schools.
    Ateneo has no nursing program
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    That's good. Just right in time when nursing students population declines in the philippines.

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