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hi i would like to ask question regarding what is the process of hiring an applicant at the said hospital? my friend took his qualifying exam there days ago. he said the HR will contact the successful applicant who belong to the... Read More

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    hi guys..what is the usual question during the final interview at chh? thank you!

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    Hello po. I had my final interview last October 24 and until now, I haven't received any notification. Does that mean I didn't passed?
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    For you to be sure, try to call them to Verify the result of the interview since you have waited for a long time... There' s a lot of applicants there that they need to cater. so better try to make a follow- up.
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    Thanx sir Raffy. I'll be sure to call them tomorrow. It's probably a long shot but still hoping I got in. What's the next step after the final interview? Do you know if the latest batch have started their didactics already?
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    to final interview is not that good. i had it last tuesday but they did not call me up for my medical..i dont know if i passed or not..
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    @ nosmoking: As far as I know, yes they have started their didactics; aside from that, Accepting of new applicants will start early next year. So don't lose hope. By the way I'm from Manila, I just keep myself updated in this forum by reading all of the comments of users.
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    @Raffy oh? then the medical exams are done? I guess my chances are close to none.. Alright, better make this call quick. Thanks po sir, you're from far away pala. XD Are u a long time nurse in Chh?
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    @bambamtiger15 hala.. they arestill conducting interviews? You had your interview last Nov. 9?
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    Hi guys I'm new here and I'm just wondering about applying a spot in Chong hua hospital... three of us applied for chong was ahead a week from me and the other had all sort of big shot endorsement letters...the one that was ahead of us will now be starting this nov. 15...while my friend and I still didn't get the call... I'm just wondering how this stuff works...cause I dont have any idea how the system goes inside chong hua. according to the nursg. service they have to consider the applicants of previews months ahead of us...another info i got, was its the backer system that gets the first true is this and why didn't it apply to my friend? pls. enlighten me...i really dont understand.
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    Hi! I'm new here too.. how often do they give qualifying exams?

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