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Chong hua final interview

  1. 0 hi im new here anyone know about final interview questions of chong hua hospital? please help
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    hi mossimo86, may i know what are the common questions in their initial interview?
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    I'm from Manila and I would like to apply at Chong Hua Hospital, where do I need to send my resume?
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    Hi @jms8.. you can try contacting the HR. (032) 255 8000 and ask to be connected to the Recruitment of the HR.
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    I was hired 2011 and the sequence of interviews and exams were different then twas exam, initial intervw then final. Now, i think it's initial interview then final interview.

    But speaking from experience, I was asked about what my last area was while I was on my senior year in college (I was a fresh grad experience ot whatsoever) and the questions were according to my initial answer. Example: questions were about common management of fever, pneumonia, etc.. and how to assess children and babies.

    For the final interview, it was either with the chief nurse or asst chief nurse..and it was more on whether you plan to proceed to Med..or if you're leaving out of the country anytime soon.. and what you did or what your job was before applying in Chong Hua. The trick is to make them feel like you're staying and you see CHH as a long term place of employment.

    Hope these help!!!😊😊😊