Career path as a Nurse in the field of Law.

  1. Hey guys! I'm just a newly licensed Nurse in the Philippines and I have been thinking of the career paths that I could take aside from being a hospital nurse. One thing in my mind, is being taking up a law degree, but I first I want to have an idea whether or not this will work to my advantage, financially speaking. My family's financial status is not really in a good shape, and it's just enough to support my studies if ever I decided to take up law. So I would really be glad to know, if it is worth it to take up law. Would be really great to know, what jobs are waiting for a nurse-attorney both locally and abroad. Pros and cons, would also be really great. Thanks a lot!
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    In the US there are nurse attorneys that practice administrative law to assist nurses in license defense cases.

    I know a US nurse attorney that was a highly experienced nurse before attaining a law degree and now practices medical malpractice, serves on facility ethics committees, and also administrative law for guardianship (either to have a guardian appointed to protect an incapacitated patient or she is appointed by the court as a guardian to protect the patient's rights and interests). All of these opportunities were a result of extensive clinical experience. She was a legal/medical guardian appointee before attaining her law degree and while in law school. I have no idea if any of this applies in the Philippines.

    You can google The American Association of Nurse Attorneys for information on those who practice administrative law in the US.
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    Hi IMAllenRN, Im an RN as well and Just finished my entrance exam this morning at PUP College of Law.
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    Hello. I'm an RN too and currently a 2nd year law student. Some schools have schedules that are good for working students. It's really hard to work while studying and you really need to sacrifice your sleeping hours. It is worth it to be a lawyer but it really takes great effort and sacrifices. If ever you have passed the bar and become a lawyer, you can apply to law offices and from there you'll be able to choose what you would like to specialize. As a nurse-lawyer, maybe you can try forensics.