Can a US citizen/NCLEX passer gain clinical experience in the Phils?

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    Hi guys.. I am a Fil-Am who finished college here in the Philippines. Due to me being a US citizen, I wasn't allowed to take the Local Boards, so I took the NCLEX-RN immediately after college. My question is this, can I gain experience in the hospitals in Manila even if I did not take the Local Boards? Take note: I do not have DUAL CITIZENSHIP

    From what I heard you have to be a citizen of the Phils or have a dual citizenship if you want to work in the Phils, but for me, it's just the EXPERIENCE I am after, no need for the salary. My experience here can help me get a job in the States when I plan on going back after a year. Please help me out guys, thank you so much..

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    Since you don't have a local license I don't think you can gain experience or even practice nursing here, I'm afraid. And since you're not a Filipino citizen or have dual citizenship, I'm not sure you can acquire the other government-issued requirements such as NBI clearance, SS and TIN #'s which employers are also looking for.
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    Have you considered that your chances of finding eventual employment in the US might be higher than finding work in the Philippines? It's really, really difficult to get into the well-known tertiary hospitals and even the smaller hospitals are freeze-hiring. Lots of old and new graduates are still unemployed or got into a field of work unrelated to their degree. It's been this way for several years now and I doubt it'd get better anytime soon.
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    Thanks Lafrenze. Yes I am aware of Manila hospitals becoming a problem to new RN's. Thing is, I was just planning on getting training and a few certificates (BLS and IV Training) while I am still here in the Philippines saving up for my tax payment to go back home to US. So, getting training and certificates in the hospitals also require PRC license even though I just want to enroll?
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    Most companies ask where you acquired your BLS and IV certifications. Most hospitals prefer certifications from the american heart associations alone. While it may be convenient to get your certifications there, it may not be admissible here.
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    You can try looking up Filipino nursing blogs as they usually have a list of specific requirements for trainings/seminars but unfortunately they really ask for a valid PRC license (with BLS as the only exception).
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    I see. Well I guess US is the only option for me due to me not having the needed requirements here in Phils.

    Thanks guys, you've been big help. God Bless
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    I certainly hope you can make the best out of your situation. Good luck!
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    You may be able enroll in BLS, First Aid, or other trainings or seminars without a Philippine license, but the catch is that your BRN (or whatever institution you're working for) might not accept or recognize them.

    As for gaining experience in hospitals, even as a volunteer nurse, they would require you to hold an active Philippine nursing license.
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    Just want to share, when i was in east ave., there were doctors from india and america who were practicing and im certain they did not have a philippine license. they don't even know how to speak in filipino.

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