BSN second courser

  1. Good day!

    I just got my degree in linguistics in UP diliman. I will turn 22 this year (2017). I realized that I wanted to take nursing when I was in third year after I experienced a certain 'situation'. I considered shifting to BSN, but I felt guilty about the money I spent during my 3 years in college, so I decided to keep moving forward even if I didnt really like my course.

    Now, I realized that I dont want to regret in future. So, I want to ask advices from this forum regarding schools which accept second courser like me and credit my subjects before. If possible (is it possible?), to finish it within 2-3 years.

    I asked UPM, but unfortunately, they dont accept second courser even if i got my first degree in other UP campus.
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  3. by   mariamikaela24
    Try UST, FEU or CEU..
  4. by   perkyRN07
    It's doable there are lots of nursing school who takes second courser. Nursing is my second career as well and enjoying it I have been a nurse for 10 years now.
  5. by   BWaldorf
    Hi! We are in the same boat. Got my degree in UP Baguio. I am also looking for schools where I can finish BSN for less than 4 years.