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BSN second courser

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    I just got my degree in linguistics in UP diliman. I will turn 22 this year (2017). I realized that I wanted to take nursing when I was in third year after I experienced a certain 'situation'. I considered shifting to BSN, but I felt guilty about the money I spent during my 3 years in college, so I decided to keep moving forward even if I didnt really like my course.

    Now, I realized that I dont want to regret in future. So, I want to ask advices from this forum regarding schools which accept second courser like me and credit my subjects before. If possible (is it possible?), to finish it within 2-3 years.

    I asked UPM, but unfortunately, they dont accept second courser even if i got my first degree in other UP campus.
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    Try UST, FEU or CEU..