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BEST review center for IELTS in MANILA??? - page 3

best review center for ielts in manila??? guys i need tips on ielts exam review center?? or home study?? whats better? books to read, review material practice exams etc,, thank you so muck for... Read More

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    It depends on how you study. However, there are lots of free review materials that you can download online. There are lots of useful blogs too that can give u tips and techniques about how to study for IELTS.

    This blog is very useful:

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    I studied with Enderun Colleges a while back. Prior to studying with them, I had no confidence in speaking or writing English. I knew how to converse in English but it definitely wasn't enough to work abroad. I learned not only how to pass the IELTS exam but I also became a more confident and eloquent speaker of English. I didn't get to pursue my IELTS exam since I found a job here, but I know they have a new program now and I'm planning to enroll. Is there anyone else who's planning to enroll at Enderun? I spoke to Ms. *********** who I think is their manager, she mentioned that they're doing a seminar for only P5k. And the seminar is next month!!
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    I highly recommend Niners. I just enrolled in the unlimited review for 6k yesterday and attended the orientation today. I like their syllabus and I have heard many good feedback about them from IELTS certified colleagues and friends who also took their review program with Niners.

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