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Asian Hospital and Medical Center - page 35

I would be having heir interview already, any day from now. I would like to ask any idea or information on the way their interview goes?thanks in advance!... Read More

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    do you have a backer at asian?
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    Quote from mikelui
    i think i also passed my application in that date and i passed again last month..hmmm... i think i made a mistake of passing another one..
    just be patient mikelui, who knows they might also text you one of this days. )
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    Quote from cool_nurse
    do you have a backer at asian?
    No, I don't have.
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    I backread and saw the requirements and it includes a comprehensive resume that needs to have a specific order/format. Are they that strict to that!? Or not really, as long as you've submitted all the requirements!?
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    based from what i read from their websites you can send the reqts. via email " (in pdf file) what do you guys think should i just send it via e-mail?
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    Quote from chubibay, RN
    Uhm. It's more on general knowledge plus lots of computations. Yeah, I did submit a recommendation letter coming from our college dean, just one.
    hi there chubibay! you mentioned general knowledge above. was it related to nursing/fundamentals or just a plain general knowledge? your response is highly appreciated.
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    Hi anyone here passed there requirements last july and got a call already?. there job posting for nurses is still there so I justw anna ask if they already contacting applicants, thanks
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    good day everyone!

    I would like to ask, if I will pass my my application in Asian hospital, how many weeks/months/years i will wait to be called for initial exam/interview? thank you very much!!

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