2012 nursing jobs and training updates

  1. Good day fellow nurses! I just want to give some updates regarding some hospitals that I happened to visit last December 2011. I hope many will be willing to share some info too. Let's help each other out. =)

    Chinese Gen - accepting applications ONLY if you graduated from their school

    San Lazaro - deadline of applications for RNHeals here was unfortunately last December. Too bad I didn't make it. Ha-ha

    Medical City - as usual, logging on their log sheet is the first step if you're a commoner. If with backer, expect the process to be faster. (Too bad I don't know anyone haha) Check out their page on FB. The Medical City: Career Opportunities. Training for the next batch will tentatively start by first quarter so waiting for another 3 months is a no-brainer especially if you haven't had any exams and interviews yet.

    St. Lukes (QC) - according to someone I know, training would probably start by January. Tentative.

    Manila Doctors - HR is accepting applications but that is for pooling (subject to training with a fee).

    NKTI - accepting applications BUT is very strict with requirements. Minimum of 6 months paid hosp experience from at least a hundred bed cap hospital. Geez! That's where my requirements flanked. I have all the others except the bed cap of the hospital where I came from. See NKTI's website. nkti.gov.ph

    __Please feel free to correct any information if you know/believe is misleading. I hope others will try to contribute too in this thread. God bless us nurses and Happy new job hunting year! Ha-ha
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  3. by   Nurse_PUKYAW
    hi dodoy

    do they have average requirement in medical city ???
  4. by   dodoy
    hi Nurse_PUKYAW

    They did not mention any cut off for the average for the applicants. What they stated in the website is that they accept applications from nurse applicants as long as they are registered. However, priority is given to those with high average/ board rating. Knowing this, we may infer that when one commoner with an average of 80 logs on to the logsheet say by January/Feb, and the results of the December board exam comes out by Feb or March, new passers with higher board ratings that will log will bury the recent loggers before the results came out. Hence, having lesser chances for the "buried" loggers.


    That just what I thought. I am really not expecting a call from Medical City anymore. First, I have only 81.++ average and not from the top 10 nursing schools. Second, I don't know anyone. I have logged on there twice, one was last 2010 and the second was just this Dec 2011. Oh well, so much for a response that turned out to a rant ha-ha! Try searching this on FB, you'll see some discussions regarding TMC career opportunities.

    The Medical City: Career Opportunities > search on FB

    God bless us =)

    P.S. remove the word "if" from my first post..on the disclaimer regarding misleading info
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  5. by   Nurse_PUKYAW
    nice info dodoy, i applied there way back 2009 then the next yr signed my name in the log sheet 2010 then 2011 until now no reply from them
  6. by   meyinol
    did you try to apply to Capitol Medical Center in q.ave?
  7. by   dodoy
    Hi meyinol

    I am planning to go there but I haven't got any news if they are accepting applications. Besides, I don't know any hospital near with Capitol Medical Center where I can drop by too. So for the mean time I'm waiting for any news if they are entertaining applicants.
  8. by   anne j.
    Capitol accepted my application last November. However, I don't know if they're still accepting up to now. Might as well try so you can also view the list of requirements posted in their bulletin.
  9. by   dodoy
    Hi anne j.

    Thank you for sharing that info. Anyway, I found a list of requirements for Capitol Medical Center some months back so I don't know if it's updated. Would you mind updating it for us? Here's the one that I got.

    1. Resume
    2. Transcript of Records
    3. RLE Form
    4. Diploma
    5. 3 pcs. 2x2 picture with blue background
    6. Board Rating Certificate
    7. Board Passing Certificate
    8. PRC License
    9. Professional Tax Receipt
    10. SSS
    11. TIN
    12. Police Clearance
    13. NBI Clearance
    14. Cedula
    15. Birth Certificate
    16. Other important documents like Marriage Certificate, etc. (if applicable)

    Is this updated? Thanks
  10. by   anne j.
    yes, that's it. but the initial requirements that you have to submit are no. 1,2,4, 6, 8, board certificate/certificate of registration from prc, ivt, recent bls license/certificate of attendance.
  11. by   dodoy

    I went to Capitol Medical Center a while ago to inquire, and at the same time pass the requirements if they are accepting applications for staff nurses. As stated from the previous post, only the initial ones are needed. I included the other requirements anyway. Yes, they accepted my application.

    (For HD nurses only, with RENAP certification)
    Then, next on my list was Hemotek located at U.N. Avenue. I asked the attending clerk if they are accepting applications from nurses and told me that they are currently on "freeze hiring" for their centers in Manila. However, they have openings for their provincial branches in Pampanga, Batangas and Cavite. She noted though that the salary rate for those in the provincial branches are "provincial rates". So I am assuming they are lower. She will be asking if you are already certified with RENAP and if you have updated BLS and IVT. Your experience will also be asked. Nonetheless, she accepted my photocopied credentials.

    After that, I went to Alabang to check out if Asian Hospital is still entertaining applicants. I asked the security guard where the HR office is located so I can go straight there. He directed me instead in to the Information clerk as according to him, applications are to be collected by the information clerk. According to the one who received my papers, we can only go straight at the HR office if we are for interview or for an exam. He accepted my papers anyway. (Fingers crossed)

    Asian Hospital and Medical Center really looks good! They have this piano at the lobby being played by a pianist (haha!) just like in SLMC's lobby. I really can't get over with the ambiance of the hospital, it's so sophisticated. However, it's sooooo far from where I live. grrr

    On my way back, I was about to ride the LRT at Quirino station when I remembered that Nephrology Center of Manila is just nearby. So I decided to look for it and fortunately, I found it. With the last folder of requirements I have in hand, I asked the receiving clerk if they are accepting nurses for training (I believe they do not hire directly). According to him, the applicant must have an updated BLS and IVT. Fee for the training is Php 3000 for 3 months, but is refundable once the 3-month training is completed.

    So there goes my itinerary/adventure/job-hunting for this day. I wish I have brought more than 4 sets of photocopied credentials. I didn't think I'll pass by some other big hospitals along the way so I brought just 4.
    Passed by the following hospitals:
    - University of Perpetual Help Medical Center
    - Ospital ng Muntinlupa
    - Alabang Medical Center

    I wish I could share more but this is all for today.
    To other Filipino nurses here, please don't try to be just leeches here, sucking some information while not trying to contribute what you know. Selfishness will get back at you. LOL. The mood's ruined. Sorry

    May God bless us all. =)
  12. by   meyinol
    thank you Dodoy.. Surely it really helps a lot ... do you know about RN Heals 3?
  13. by   dodoy
    Hi meyinol

    I really don't have much information regarding RNHeals 3 except from those that are already provided by some helpful nurses on its own thread. If I'm not mistaken, I have seen a post providing the e-mail address where we can send our application for this program. I can't remember where I saw it though. You can try scouring for it on the different RNHeals threads here.

    Some personally inquired at the DOH only to find out that the application is already closed. You may want to try inquiring to them personally so you can be enlightened with regards to this program.
  14. by   yarr0w
    hi, dodoy. thanks for sharing your experiences in applying at different hospitals. it's very helpful.

    starting last november 2011, my friends and i went to:

    philippine general hospital:

    bring a photocopy of your prc license, 1 piece 2"x2" id picture, a ballpen and p200.00 (exam fee). after filling up a form and paying p200 at the pgh cashier, you will be scheduled for the nursing proficiency exam. check the relevant allnurses.com threads for more information: philippine general hospital, pgh feedback

    the medical city:

    we just put in our information on the logbook -- name, address, contact number and board rating. allnurses.com threads: final interview @ the medical city!, the medical city, employment process at the medical city (ortigas ave.)

    capitol medical center: currently accepting applicants but only for manpooling. dodoy and annej listed the requirements:

    1. resume
    2. transcript of records
    3. rle form
    4. diploma
    5. 3 pcs. 2x2 picture with blue background
    6. board rating certificate
    7. board passing certificate
    8. prc license
    9. professional tax receipt
    10. sss
    11. tin
    12. police clearance
    13. nbi clearance
    14. cedula
    15. birth certificate
    16. other important documents like marriage certificate, etc. (if applicable

    yes, that's it. but the initial requirements that you have to submit are no. 1,2,4, 6, 8, board certificate/certificate of registration from prc, ivt, recent bls license/certificate of attendance
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