Where to go in Canada?

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    Hi all

    Where do you think is a good place for a foreign RN to settle in Canada?? Keep in mind somewhere that RN jobs are available.

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    Canada is such a huge country. What sort of life do you want? What sort of Job do you want? Does the weather factor into things? Do you want to be close to the sea, mountains or plains? Really only you can decide where to go and need to do your own research. What may be good for me isn't necessary good for you.
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    It is a such a big country that's why i'm having such a hard time deciding. The physical environment isn't a factor for me, snow, sea, hail i'm fine with it. I've been doing so much research but I feel like i'm going in circles, I'd love some ideas from actual people. My only requirement is that rn jobs are available.
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    What I suggest is look on careerbeacon.com and check what jobs are available for Rn's in the various provinces. Have you met provincial requirements because lots of IEN's have to do some form of assessment with most provinces now before getting permission to sit CRNE and for some provinces you are looking at over 12 months processing time and in that case job availablity may change
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