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I've been applying to several hospitals in and around the GTA (think the Golden Horshoe, mostly) and have had no luck - not a single call back. I posted my resume in the Resume Help section and got some feedback, but overall it... Read More

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    Quote from missysg

    Congrats kheemooy.. Hope you are settled with the new job environment by now and my advance wishes on your Critical Care Nursing.
    I am still searching for my first job. But I am not sure if I can / would like to take a job from an agency because of the unknown assignment (I guess I am afraid of long travel / new environment every day if the assignment is for home care). Any advice from your experience?
    You're certainly right with what you said about the agency. I haven't got any call from agency for the past week, so there's really no guaranteed hours as well. It's not really advisable especially for IENs since there's no proper orientation. I'm currently taking my Coronary Care 2 at George Brown College. Will start my Critical Care Nursing E-Learning Graduate Certificage Program at Durham on May. I thought it will be a good investment for my career and I'm also aiming for the placement/preceptorship and simulation which will help you in networking and hospital experience.

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