What are the differences in job duties of a RPN/LPN in Canada vs. the U.S.? - page 3

What are differences in job duties of a RPN/LPN in Canada vs. the U.S.? I just completed my education in Canada, so I have no experience as an employee yet. I am considering working in the U.S.... Read More

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    I'm not sure why everybody assumes that I haven't done my research on visas. Honestly, some of your responses were rude, and none of my questions have been answered. I would like to end this conversation please.
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    Well it doesn't matter since you there would be no way for you to work there since there is no visa you could apply for.If you had done research on visas you would know that already.
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    No one is trying to be rude. You're receiving some honest replies. American grads are having a very tough time finding work in the US for the last 5 years. You would fare much better staying in Canada for work.
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    My mom is a PR in arizona and even though she has been around for 20 yrs there she still had to hunt for a new job... I used to be a PR and came back to canada at 20yrs old.. U can go down to study but u cant work unless its at school.. U can get licensing no prob.. Its the visa aspect unless you are planning on a border town.. Good luck amd i dont think anyone was trying to be rude.. In typing some ppl's way of conversation doesnt come across as it was meant..
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    Of course your work experience would be accepted. Canada accepts nurses from many different parts of the world.
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    //Especially now. Terrible economy, no union in most places, low pay, call offs, mandatory overtime, firing at will. Sign me up for all that! Seriously....you can't work without a visa//

    That answers it. Lot of laws to abide by in the US.

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