Volunteering Internationaly as a Nursing Student? Volunteering Internationaly as a Nursing Student? | allnurses

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Volunteering Internationaly as a Nursing Student?

  1. 0 Does anybody have any information as how to go about getting information about volunteering internationally as a nursing student?

    I am a first year LPN student, thinking about how to broaden my experience other then practicums. I would like to do the volunteer work during summer break (I know its a long time away, but I would like some information now so I have time to decide if it would be right for me)

    Thank you all
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    Have you tried Googling it? I did and I found lots of sites with information on such a thing.Maybe check with your school as well. A couple of girls in my class did a trip organized by the school.
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    Theres tons of oppritunites out their to volunteer however you'll probably be footing the bill for your stay so if you're okay with that then it's a simple google search away.