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Sooo.... we moved out to Alberta for my husband's career. I really didn't think it would be this hard to find a job as an LPN. I do admit I was a little nervous when I heard of all the layoffs last year. But now it has been 4... Read More

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    Joanna... If only it were that easy. We are one of the experimental schedule optimisation units and the rotation is brutal. Absolutely brutal. I have two pay periods in a row where I only have 2 shifts. Then I have two in a row where I have 8 each (5 nights in 7 days). We switch from nights to days with only one day off in between. We had lots of time to look at the "new" rotation" before we selected our lines and there were many, many negative responses to it. We were told that our comments would be taken into consideration and perhaps the rotation could be revised, but of course that didn't happen. So we were forced to choose from a really awful selection. It's kind of a joke in some ways because all the people who won't work nights to save their own lives are posting on the Facebook trades page 3 or 4 months worth of night shifts at a time. Their posts read something like, "Looking to trade away my nights for days: March 14, 15, 16, 19, 20, 23, 24, April 12, 13, 14, 17, 18... Would be nice if it could be straight across." Well, you get the drift.

    At my last performance review (Dec 2012) I mentioned to the manager that as I get older I find working several shifts in a row was becoming difficult for me and that the imbalance in my then-rotation (which is really no different from my current one) was creating problems with my health. I asked if there was some way my rotation could be adjusted so I didn't work 5 in 7 any more and was told that I'd need to get an accommodation. And that the PCM didn't have to approve it. So much for retention strategies...
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    Right. I keep forgetting about the new "optimization". That does sound brutal! So much for retention is right. I was speaking with our PHN, and she told me after 20 years of acute, ICU, emerg she will never go back.

    Why? Same complaints everyone else has: poor staffing ratios, unrealistic work expectations, constant calls to come in. Nobody listens to nurses.

    I also find 5 in 7 shifts brutal. That's two weeks a month every other month in my rotation. There's no time for recovery for anyone working that many shifts. All you have time for is making a lunch for the next shift, laundry and running a few errands. No quality of life there.

    How are we supposed to promote health and safety if we cannot promote our own?
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    It's true. The last couple of months have been brutal after night shift. My coworkers who do nights are all saying the same thing. We don't know if it was the long, cold winter or the fact that we are all over 50!

    None of the 20-30 year olds work lines that have nights and will pick up one, maybe every three months or so.

    I'm dreading what they could do to my line.
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    Its too bad that some casuals won't work all shifts. I like that being casual allows a person to have the odd day off for special events with their families and not have to worry about getting time off approved by HR... but I also found that when I was casual I worked more than full time hours. And that included nights and weekends, and everything I was called for lol. I also had a part time night line while pregnant, and picked up too many extra night shifts cause they were short staffed... ugh!!!!

    It sounds like they need to have some nurses that work the floors help with staffing/rotation planning :\
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    As a casual I work mainly nights and weekends because that's what's available! I know many other casuals in the same situation.
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    After too many interviews, and too many months of searching I now have a casual job at a hospital Yay!!!! But I'd like to think that this job search has made me more willing to take all the weekends and nights I am offered lol. (In reality though I would rather work a lot of nights than evenings....)
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    That's great!! Congratulations. Hopefully you will end up receiving calls for many shifts. Summer is almost here, so many people will be looking for time off.

    You must be very relieved.
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    Yes I hope so. I am very excited
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    Hope it's my unit. We still are hiring floats and they all want M-F days. Shift Diff adds up!
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