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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

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    Hi Jeffy
    Are you a mature student though or you're coming straight from high school?

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    ok... I guess you're gonna be fine though I sent an email to someone at school.
    have you done volunteer's job or worked at all?
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    i applied to some hospitals in the vancouver lower mainland in janurary and they told me they would contact me sometime in Feb
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    Good...those are the stuff they usually look into.
    Usually the school of nursing here takes about 110 to 120 students per year. A lot of students come from lower mainland though.
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    Just got the email from nursing school staff. The average would be somewhere around 86.
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    Hi there, I am very interested in going to UBCO, I have applied to the nursing program...
    My term 1 average is 87%... however my term 2 is around 75%, do you know which one I submit?
    Also, just to confirm, for UBCO... we did NOT have to submit a resume or essay right?
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    Hi Kathy
    When you say Term 1 and 2, do you mean your avarage in first year college or are you refering to your grade 12 avarage?
    As far as I know, you need to send all you have in terms of your grades.
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    Whops, yeah my grade 12.
    Because when they are calculating my average, is it both term 1 and 2?
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    Yes, they calculate the two avarages and I think overall you have a good avarage.

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