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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

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    And I forgot to mention this that I don't THINK you need a resume or essay type of things for UBCO. However, they would be interested in your volunteer position(s) and job(s) if you've done any.

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    hmmm... But it still won't be 85%
    Also, earlier you said something about if you work or volunteer they look at that...
    how? They didn't ask me any of this when I applied.
    Also will a part time job at mcdonalds really help me?
    thanks for your help!!!!
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    Yours is about 81 I guess and that would be enough to get into nursing school. They always put the bar high but not all students who apply have 86% of average.
    When I applied for nursing ( and I did for three universities) all institutions asked for job and community involvment. Now they UBCO might change that. Does a job like Mcdonald help you, of course it does. Job is job. I was working for subway when I applied for nursing.
    No worries. Be positive and you will get in. That's the easy part!
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    You can no longer apply directly to UBC Vancouver nursing from high school. (This is different to applying to do general arts or sciences at UBC, where you apply from high school). UBC Vancouver nursing is an accelerated two year program. You need to complete a miniumum of two years of university classes before applying. They changed this several years ago. I thought this info might help some people on here who seem to be considering applying directly from high school.
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    Just in case this is helpful, here's the link to the requirements for UBC Vancouver.


    There's a detailed explanation about what credits and classes you need before applying.
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    Is it time to re-start this thread yet?

    We are nearing the end of March. Should we not be hearing of invitations to interviews soon? I am starting to get anxious of waiting and wondered if any one knew of the exact dates that we will be contacted. I think that the applicants were notified last year in the first week of April.

    Does anyone have any specific information on the interview process? I found the following website that has some general information but has anybody gone through the process?


    (I am still finishing my prereqs. It would help me to slog through the chapters on "The Muscular System" if I knew I had an interview. )

    Hope you are still out there.
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    Speaking from experience, i got accepted to UBC-Okanagan by July 28 when applied 4 years ago. I know the UBC and UBCO are two different program but we had to applied through UBC Vancouver as well. The reason they accepted me that late was because they lost my transcripts and other stuff. So i think it's a bit early to get worry but make sure you contact them if it'll get too late.
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    Great. Thanks for the info. I will wait patiently.

    Akardan, Do you mean that you did not get a notification for an interview until the 28th July or that you did not get final acceptance until then?

    Oh my! They lost your transcripts! I can imagine that this caused you much anxiety. I am glad for you that it all worked out in the end.

    Have you completed your program now? Were you able to find a job?
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    No I'm talking about final acceptance. At the time we didn't have interview for getting into UBCO but I don't know how that works now.
    I'm doing my final practicum now in a cardiac unit which is about 200 hours and left with a final exam and paper. And yes, I've got a casual position in emergency department. I've been working there since last Sept. though.
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    Wow. I am so glad to hear that you have done well in terms of employment. Job availability is something that seems to fluctuate in terms of graduation year and province (or state). Good luck on your final few weeks of school.

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