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Hello, Has anyone applied for UBC Nursing for the 2010 school year? How are you finding your application process? Thanks :nurse:... Read More

  1. by   jeffy604
    i applied to some hospitals in the vancouver lower mainland in janurary and they told me they would contact me sometime in Feb
  2. by   akardan
    Good...those are the stuff they usually look into.
    Usually the school of nursing here takes about 110 to 120 students per year. A lot of students come from lower mainland though.
  3. by   akardan
    Just got the email from nursing school staff. The average would be somewhere around 86.
  4. by   katy2shoes
    Hi there, I am very interested in going to UBCO, I have applied to the nursing program...
    My term 1 average is 87%... however my term 2 is around 75%, do you know which one I submit?
    Also, just to confirm, for UBCO... we did NOT have to submit a resume or essay right?
  5. by   akardan
    Hi Kathy
    When you say Term 1 and 2, do you mean your avarage in first year college or are you refering to your grade 12 avarage?
    As far as I know, you need to send all you have in terms of your grades.
  6. by   katy2shoes
    Whops, yeah my grade 12.
    Because when they are calculating my average, is it both term 1 and 2?
  7. by   akardan
    Yes, they calculate the two avarages and I think overall you have a good avarage.
  8. by   akardan
    And I forgot to mention this that I don't THINK you need a resume or essay type of things for UBCO. However, they would be interested in your volunteer position(s) and job(s) if you've done any.
  9. by   katy2shoes
    hmmm... But it still won't be 85%
    Also, earlier you said something about if you work or volunteer they look at that...
    how? They didn't ask me any of this when I applied.
    Also will a part time job at mcdonalds really help me?
    thanks for your help!!!!
  10. by   akardan
    Yours is about 81 I guess and that would be enough to get into nursing school. They always put the bar high but not all students who apply have 86% of average.
    When I applied for nursing ( and I did for three universities) all institutions asked for job and community involvment. Now they UBCO might change that. Does a job like Mcdonald help you, of course it does. Job is job. I was working for subway when I applied for nursing.
    No worries. Be positive and you will get in. That's the easy part!
  11. by   CarinaBallerina
    You can no longer apply directly to UBC Vancouver nursing from high school. (This is different to applying to do general arts or sciences at UBC, where you apply from high school). UBC Vancouver nursing is an accelerated two year program. You need to complete a miniumum of two years of university classes before applying. They changed this several years ago. I thought this info might help some people on here who seem to be considering applying directly from high school.
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  12. by   CarinaBallerina
    Just in case this is helpful, here's the link to the requirements for UBC Vancouver.


    There's a detailed explanation about what credits and classes you need before applying.
  13. by   esurio
    Is it time to re-start this thread yet?

    We are nearing the end of March. Should we not be hearing of invitations to interviews soon? I am starting to get anxious of waiting and wondered if any one knew of the exact dates that we will be contacted. I think that the applicants were notified last year in the first week of April.

    Does anyone have any specific information on the interview process? I found the following website that has some general information but has anybody gone through the process?


    (I am still finishing my prereqs. It would help me to slog through the chapters on "The Muscular System" if I knew I had an interview. )

    Hope you are still out there.