Temporary License In Ontario

  1. 0 Can someone please explain how the temporary license from the CNO works?
    I am in the process of attending interviews for various RN positions and in the case of being hired, just curious if anyone has obtained a temp. license. I have indeed informed employers of my status of waiting for exam results, and some say they are willing to hire with a temp. license.

    1. How do you apply for the license?
    2. How long does the application process take?

    Hope someone can provide some info! Thanks a lot !
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    The main downfall with temporary licenses from CNO for nurses awaiting their results from the licensing exams is that if *knock on wood* the applicant/writer received notice that they failed the exam than the temporary license will be revoked and it will permanently show that on your Find a Nurse status on CNO's website. So the general public including prospective employers will know that the candidate has failed the licensing exam at one point in time.

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