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Hi everyone, CRNE exam is around the corner! Please share your questions and knowledge, and anything you come across during your preparation and think it's good to know for the exam. Our fellow RNs... Read More

  1. by   whitebunny
    i know, i thought about this for a second. I was going to shade all B or C for my last 16 questions but i have to say i have wrong judgements and i was focusing on all my previous questions and indwelling into it.....wrong judgement....screw me big time
  2. by   Adavid268
    hi jess1ca.. it is frustrating.. i want to mention some of the questions from yesterday's exam soooooo bad but we did sign a confidentiality form..
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  3. by   Adavid268
    whitebunny, i'll send you a PM soon.. i just need 3 more public posts.. =)
  4. by   Silverdragon102
    Quote from Adavid268
    Ohhh the invigilators made sure we did the survey.. maybe that caused the line up for handing in the exam booklet & answer sheet.. aside from checking the ID again, they asked test takers to shade the survey before they left..
    They shouldn't have made you do the survey, it was a voluntary thing
  5. by   Silverdragon102

    Just a reminder regarding the confidential agreement you signed regarding not discussing any questions that was on the exam. Please do not post anything that was on the exam including any answers that you think you got right. People have been dealt with by the college when things have been discussed and discovered
  6. by   saltcity
    To be honest, I'm not sure how I did. I looked up some of the stuff when I got to my car and got the laptop out- just for my own self assurance. There is definitely a BIG community health nurse focus, which ironically I'm not good at (even though the nursing school I went to focused heavily on that and advanced practice-EVERYONE-but me wanted to be an NP).
    I've been a nurse 12 years, mostly in critical care and let me tell you- things don't change much in critical care (adult). It's the same old same old by the numbers type stuff.
    That's why these questions were, in rescueNinja's words "trickier". Complex social situations and how to relate to them and address them. When I say critical thinking, it's sometimes hard to pick the "best" of say 3 pretty good answers. It's also hard to crash course on maternity, mental health, and peds if it's not the world you're used to. This is where having 3 kids and being present for all three births paid off for some of the questions! Anyhow...
    I slept about 4 hours the night before (nerves!) in the hotel and didn't get enough strong coffee (damn hotel). My mind was all over the place during the exam: around 1115 I thought I had 15 minutes left and only had 2/3 done! Then about 10 minutes later I figured out my error-got myself together. Strange what a little stress and sleep deprivation can do.
    When done, I had a half hour left, so I was able to go back and check some questionable answers and make sure I filled the boxes right!
    I didn't do the survey-sorry invigilators
    Testing is so different in the US, the NCLEX was in a little quiet room on a computer by myself. The CCRN was in a little room in a computer by myself.
    Anyhow, I hope for the best for everyone!
  7. by   Adavid268
    My apologies, Silverdragon102.. I appreciate the reminder.. as for the survey, the examinee who was submitting her booklet & answer sheet was filling out the survey portion of the answer sheet at the invigilator's table which caused a line up behind her.. maybe it was optional and she chose to complete the survey.. =)
  8. by   crne2010
    any news on the results being sent out yet. Here in Newfoundland alot of people found it hard.......i count 57 questions i got right and 16 that I know i got nervous!....i heard the pass mark is usually just over 50% and the website is just not updated....
  9. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    It's only been four weeks since the exam. It's a little early to be expecting your results. Give it maybe another week.

    The website doesn't need to be updated. The pass mark varies depending on how difficult the exam is and the website states that.
  10. by   crne2010
    The results are out in Newfoundland....PASSED!!!!.....just got mine and so did a bunch of others...everyone PASSED!
  11. by   Adavid268
    Congratulations, crne2010!
  12. by   RescueNinja
    Congrats! Can't wait for mine *fingers crossed*
  13. by   Adavid268
    Got the results from CRNNS... I passed!!!!! I'd like to thank the moderators & members of allnurses for all the information that has been shared here.. from registration procedures to CRNE study tips.. thank you soooooooooo much!!!