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Hi everyone, CRNE exam is around the corner! Please share your questions and knowledge, and anything you come across during your preparation and think it's good to know for the exam. Our fellow RNs and future coworkers! we need... Read More

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    Hahhahaha sorry but that was funny, whitebunny! Your ovals LOL! So what was your reaction when you realized you had to shade the ovals for the survey?

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    i did not have a second to shade the survey, my survey is mind is all my 16 ovals
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    Hi Whitebunny, I understand ur state of mind as I too feeling the same.I shaded last 20 questions clicking at a glance which doesnot mean that if i have done those they were meant to be correct,because u know these questions demand attention to do not worry,just hope that whatever has been attempted is mostly correct.No option left just to wait for the results.I found the test bit tough and tricky and lengthy and pray that passing Bar should not be more than 60%.I have just joined this community as I didnnt knew abt it as I mn international applicant,just 2 months in Canada.
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    Ohhh the invigilators made sure we did the survey.. maybe that caused the line up for handing in the exam booklet & answer sheet.. aside from checking the ID again, they asked test takers to shade the survey before they left..
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    mine didnt, she just made sure all the exam info was filled out and i changed my address. she didnt look at the survey and i have no mood to do it either. i left with a full bladder and a ****** up face.....=.=
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    gd for you, all i was thinking is if i focus on the 192 and get as many as correct i might just omitt the last 16 and still be able to pass....but still i should shade the last 16.......................................
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    I'm not sure what I thought about yesterday's exam. I'm kicking myself for some of the questions I know I got wrong. ARGGHHH.
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    A very wise former professor once said that if there was only a minute left and still lots questions unanswered, pick a letter between B or C and just shade away.. I did that one time during a mock exam and shaded all C's in one straight line.. I got 9 correct answers out of 20.. not bad, ei?

    whitebunny, my fingers are crossed.. I believe in the power of the mind.. we studied hard, we will pass! =) same goes to everyone who wrote the exam yesterday.. let's hope for the best.. now we wait.. and send out resumes, no time to waste..
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    i know, i thought about this for a second. I was going to shade all B or C for my last 16 questions but i have to say i have wrong judgements and i was focusing on all my previous questions and indwelling into it.....wrong judgement....screw me big time
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    hi jess1ca.. it is frustrating.. i want to mention some of the questions from yesterday's exam soooooo bad but we did sign a confidentiality form..
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