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Hello everone, I'm brand new here & would greatly appreciate any input. I apologize if this is a repeat topic, I have searched a lot before posting and there are a number of topics about nurses looking for work in the US or... Read More

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    WOW, it really has been almost a year since this thread first started it!! It is good to know of other people on the same boat as me. I have been in Toronto since late August and it has been quite the adjustment. After an excrutiating Fall Prep Semester, I was able to pull it through and am now officially on the 2nd entry nursing program of UNB, Humber site. @ Kinina, I feel your pain...I tought I was good, that I had saved enough, but am also running out of money like hemorrhage, who would have ever know that cost of life in Toronto could beat Southern California?? Insane! Especially daycare, it makes me want to cry.
    @ Kamae, which school you are going to? (if you dont mind saying it, of course). I was planning to work as a PSW also as soon as I am able to apply for a work permit. I dont have experience though, so I think it would be a great way to build that up. Best of luck to you!

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    Hi there vimge4! I'm taking a PN program at Centennial College. I have a question for u, do you know if CNO would register us on a post-graduation work permit? It's just that one of their requirements is either you're a permanent resident or you have a valid work permit. So I'm not sure if the kind we're getting after graduation should be enough to register given we pass the exam of course.

    Best of luck to you too. I still got a long way to go though.. I'm still on my 1st month!
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    Hi Kamae. You know I still dont have the answer to this question and as you can tell by this thread, I have been looking into that for about a year, even before coming here. I hope that it will be fine, that once we get our work permits and graduate CNO would allow us to take the exam. I had actually completely forgotten all about all this and I will be asking at the school and see. If I find out anything important I'll let you know here!
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    I'm glad to know I'm not alone. Thanks! I'll update you if I find out anything about it too. Good luck!
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    Hello everyone!
    Nice to see you guys in there!
    I am a international student from China and now I am studying PN program In Georgian college, Barrie Ontario.
    It seems you guy are facing the same problems with me, I did lots research online but the information for us is so limited!
    I think there is a good place for us to share the recent information.
    I have heared the policy related to nursing has somewhat changed in otario last year that international students have no rights to write the CNO exam. I am not sure about this because I haven't find anything online yet, But there are someone I know actually quit the nursing program because of the poliy.....

    I will tell everybody the newest information I get very soon!
    good luck to all of us!
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    Any information like that would be and should be stated on the College of Ontario website.
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    Vimge4 and BryanWang: There is no issue with taking the exam. CNO will allow you to take the exam after you graduate an acceptable nursing program regardless of being an international student or not. I called them and also emailed them about the exam and the post-graduation work permit and their answer was that we should send them a copy of our post-graduation work permit to be submitted for approval. I have talked with the international office of my school and they have had plenty of nursing international students who did not have any problems registering with CNO and are now working as nurses in Ontario. But the post-graduation permit should be specified for work in healthcare since I think we'll need to go through a medical exam.
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    I actually called CNO last week as well about this and the info I got was very similar to what your last post says Kamae: That once we graduate and have a work permit, we should submit that instead of the citzenship/residency status documents and that would be reviewed by the board and once a decision is made, they could or could not allow us to get certification, but she did say that the decision is made based on the type of work permit we get, so just make sure we get an open work permit that allows us to work with healthcare. I wanted to ask at my school as well before posting here, but didn have time. Anyway, once i check with Humber about any prior international graduates and if there was ever any issues with CNO, I will post again and let you know.
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    Where are you going to find an Ontario healthcare employer to hire you when there are more than enough Ontario residents looking for work?
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    I don't know dishes. It's a lot harder for us because of course, there will always be a preference to hire permanent residents rather than international students. This is a huge risk for most of us because a lot of money is involved for something that has no assurance whatsoever. We're just hoping for a positive outcome really. I for one do not think I can just come in as a student and expect to get a job right away when there are so many residents who don't have jobs. That's why I'm doing everything I possibly can right now to actually deserve to be hired someday in healthcare (if I'm lucky enough- again, I am well aware I won't be a priority).

    @vimge4: thanks a lot! do keep me posted.

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