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  1. I have a question here for anyone who works as a part-time RN in Ontario.

    Recently, I became part of the float team so I would be able to take advantage of the benefits and a pension (only down side is you make less after everything is deducted, but the pension is what I really wanted). However, because I was part-time last year, I was assuming for the month of May I'd be getting a separate deposit of money for vacation.

    For Part-time RN's here, every year in the 2nd pay period in May, part-time RN's recieved supplementary vacation. HOWEVER, HR has explained that because our wage increase went up from 29.36 to 30.17, part-time RN's will not be getting our vacation pay. Each year the part-time RN's get 2% of what they made from the previous year. HR states "It was in your contact". Well... I looked up our collective agreement, and I don't see it anywhere. I found the Collective Agreement that was signed in October 2012 by our representatives and NO WHERE does it state that. All it states is this:

    "Part-time Nurses entitled to supplementary vacation pursuant to Article 16.06 of the central Collective Agreement will request such vacation as per Article J-3. Unused supplementary vacation will be carried over to the following vacation years. The additional 2% vacation pay will be paid out subject to article J-5".

    States "Part-time nurses will receive their vacation pay by separate deposit in the month of May".

    is there anyone out there who works in Ontario who's been told this? I can't find ANYWHERE that states it was 'in our agreement' that we wouldn't be getting vacation pay because we got a pay increase?

    Any advice is appreciated.
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  3. by   Fiona59
    Contact your Shop Steward or go to your union's hotline.
  4. by   dayshiftnurse
    hi im not up on alot of the pay/union issues...still currently on mat leave and wasn't even aware of the pay increase till i saw it in a job posting...but i know prior to this one of the hospitals in the GTA (york-central) a girlfriend of mine got a p/t job there, looked at her first paycheque and realized they do NOT give partimers 9% in lieu of benefits, only 4% in lieu of she left. dont blame her, that 10% makes a big, big differnce. they do not mention in the interview, so you would only know once you've been hired on.