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  1. Effective April 2013, ONA for the UHN (and perhaps other hospitals) will be increasing wages. Does that mean people already working for hospitals with ONA will have an automatic increase in wage also or is this only effective for people newly hired as of April 2013 and on?
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  3. by   joanna73
    With unions, usually, everyone who is part of that union sees some type of increase, as the goal is fairness for all their members. Your best bet is to access ONA's website. Q and A's as well as the salary grid will be posted there.
  4. by   Aeterna
    I'm almost 100% certain it affects everyone in the union, not just the new hires. I was hired in 2010 and was around for the 2011 increase, and I'm pretty sure my hourly wage was automatically adjusted to the new pay scale.
  5. by   Fiona59
    OP: When you were hired wasn't there a union rep present to sign you up and explain how the contracts work?

    It's the norm that any nurse regardless of start date is covered by the current and any future contract. So if you were hired March 25, 2011, you automatically get the contract increase that rolls around (ie) April 1st. And you get any future increases that your union bargains and obtains for it's membership
  6. by   shawtee
    Just the post I was looking for. Thank you kindly for your post, that's all the information I needed!
  7. by   shawtee

    I am not part of the ONA union. This is a general question as I was curious. I appreciate the post and information!
  8. by   emergnursejudy
    It also depends on the collective agreement that your hospital has with your union. At my hospital, we were without a contact for a year, and it went to arbitration. Now I don't think all hospitals had the same issue, although we are all under ONA. I'm a bit confused too as to how it works.
  9. by   JaneSmithRevisited
    Even when you're all under ONA it does not mean you have the EXACT same contract hospital to hospital. Each union contract is bargained with the hospital. Even in hospital networks where there's 2-4 hospitals in one network hold slightly different union contracts.