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  1. Hi Everyone!

    I am an IEN and obtained my BC RN license last February 2010. I am thinking of applying into the NP program but unsure if it is a wise decision since I don't have enough experience. I am currently working in a long term facility for almost 2 years now. I have applied in acute care and hospitals but was received no reply or got turned down due to lack of experience. Some even required me to take a refresher course at Kwantlen even if I obtained my license already. I underwent the SEC assessment and the did not require me to take a refresher, only one course which was Nursing in Canada. I have no previous experience from my home country since I moved here to Canada right after graduation.

    I am so confused and frustrated right now on what to do. Although I value and am grateful for my work right now, I feel that it is not for me. I find it routinary and feel that I am not gaining any skills. I want to explore other areas of nursing but find it difficult to do so due to my lack of acute care experience which most of the job opportunities require. I have looked into the NP program thinking that instead of taking the refresher might as well take my masters? What other options do I have? Can you guys suggest anything? Thank you!
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  3. by   Daisy_08
    If you did go for your NP you would not be able to work as NP in acute care. You need the floor experience first. You could work in geriatrics but it sounds like you want out of that. In Canada you must have 2years of full time hours to get accepted into an NP program. Acceptance is based on many aspects, from grades, to activism.

    If you want to get into acute care I would suggest taking acute care courses at a local college. Targeted to where you would like to work. May I ask if you have specific area in mind? Oh do you have your BScN?
  4. by   mzmaglanoc
    I forgot to mention, I also took neonatal courses but my instructor advised me to look for a job related to the field before finishing the rest of the courses. He said taking these courses won't increase my chances of getting hired, and so I stopped. I have my BSN from my home country, would that be considered here? I like neonatal nursing,public/community health, doing home visits, but all these require acute care experience so I guess I have to lean towards that direction?
  5. by   Daisy_08
    Well then, I would try and get a job in a hospital. Period. Any unit, and then once you have some seniority transfer out. I would still think you should take some courses. At least the basic ones.
  6. by   mellisalouise
    If you're not from Canada then taking a refresher course shouldn't be a deterrent because there are differences between nursing in Canada and nursing in other countries.