Indecisive about going for RPN vs RN

  1. Hi all.

    19 year old college student currently attending pre-health sciences at Georgian in Ontario. I have been accepted into both RPN and BSCN, and I'm really having a hard time on what one to choose.

    I made a list of pro's & cons to each, I'm leaning towards RPN currently.

    -Can attend local (no dorm + extra expenses)
    -Only 2 years
    -Can jump right into it, abundance of "full-time" RPN positions in my area
    -Can keep current job (guaranteed hours, better than minimum wage pay)
    -Can "get my foot in the door" to ensure I enjoy nursing before wasting 4 years..
    -May have to go back for a 3 year "bridge" if I want to advance..
    -Same college as I am right now. I'll know a lot of the instructors, majority of my pre-health class will be in my nursing class. Makes the transition more friendly with a support system already in place..

    -Can get all of the education out of the way immediately
    -Extra 2 years of education + costs
    -Have to go away, 4 years of paying for room + food
    -Have to find a new job
    -Better pay! (duh)
    -From what I've seen, not a whole lot of positions in my area. Majority part-time

    As you can see, I'm heavily leaning towards RPN for the time being. Any input from anyone who has had a similar experience would be MUCH appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   Azuteor
    Hey Bruno, I think going the RPN route will be a better choice for you. From what I've read, you've written more pros for the two year route. Nursing school is pretty tough so having familiar teachers and classmates should make it easier.
  4. by   loriangel14
    I think it really depends on your goals as well. I am an RPN ( I went to Georgian as well) and I am happy with my choice.I have no desire to go into management and I find that my scope of practice and the opportunities are wide enough that I have plenty of choices. Currently there is a reasonable number of RPN jobs out there if you are flexible.
  5. by   donk
    I'm currently in the BScN program through Georgian/York and I went through the same pros and cons list. It all depends where you want to be at the end of it!! If it makes a difference, the first two years are done at Georgian and you'll only have to go to York for the last two years. If you didn't want to move from Barrie area there is a go train that takes you from Barrie to York to minimize moving expenses and housing.