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Hi everyone.... I have been following this website for a little while. Currently I am waiting for CNO to make a decision on my RPN application. I applied last Sept and still they haven't made a decision..... I am surprised that... Read More

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    Quote from nancy46237

    Only 4 mths for your RPN, amazing! Congratulations!
    well my paper has been assessed since nov. 2010 maybe that's why it just took 4months for my RPN eligibility. but my RN took forever but luckily i'm eligible unlike some of my friends who were asked to do bridging programs. so it was worth the wait somehow.

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    Nope still waiting....
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    @ bebeh

    I use to think like this too but not any more.... Right now I am trying to use my time wisely, spending time with kids/family, reviewing test materials and just trying to take it easy.
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    Quote from kheemooy

    yup. it is indeed a long wait for most people.. i received my RN eligibility after 1year and 6months (May 2012). but on my 8th month (July 2011) i applied for my RPN then recieved my eligibility after 4months (Nov 2011).. you will prolly received yours around august or september.

    btw, you don't need to be registered before you can enrol. the requirement to be enrolled in a refresher course or bridging program is a Letter of Direction or eligibility.

    Goodluck! I hope yours will come soon. It's worth the wait. When you receive your eligibility, give all your best in preparing for the exam. I'm happy recently passed May 2012 CPNRE and I will be seating for my October CRNE, I'm really preparing so hard for the big day.
    I know there was someone who said that they will be offering a free CRNE seminar in Brampton sometime next week. I left a message but never got a reply. Do you know who they are?
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    Quote from Fiona59

    No, I'd say it's ensuring the Canadian taxpayer (who pays our wages) safety
    Do you know anything about the message where somebody said they will be hosting a free information session in Brampton for the CRNE this week?
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    Hi guys, i've just been reading your posts and i'm in the same situation. i'm a RN registered in the UK and applied to CNO in April, i was told it would be 20 weeks before i heard back from them. Exactly 20 weeks later (22nd August) I got a letter stating that my application was now in a que to be assessed further and that the current wait time for that was 11 months!
    i just don't understand what they have been doing with my application for the last 5 months- i thought they were assessing it but obviously not. Its just so frustrating as i want to be working as a nurse.
    Im also frustrated that i wasn't told it would take this long when i put in my application and it doesn't say on the website that it will take so long. There should be more information about application times on the website. If i'd know when i applied that it would take this long i think i would have just enrolled in a rpn course, i feel like i've just wasted the last 5 months and i'm no further forward.
    I appreciate that they need to thoroughly assess every application and i think that's a really good thing, it makes sure all nurses are trained to the same level. however, they obviously have a huge backlog so why don't they employ further staff? Afterall they will be getting fees in with every application.
    Also i've read in various posts on the forum that there are very few jobs for rn's and rpn's in ontario. Where i live in south west ontario that's not the case, our local nursing home has to use agency nurses from toronto as they can't get rn's and for exampe the hospital at owen sound always has rn and rpn posts advertised, i just had a look and there's 11 nursing jobs advertised on their website at present and that's only one of the hospitals in my area.
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    Canada, and in particular Ontario does not have a nursing shortage. Unless you have years of experience in a specialty, and you are willing to move to a rural area, you may find yourself waiting a very long time to hear from CNO. New grads and experienced nurses throughout the GTA and surrounding cities have been struggling to find work for 4 years now. Personally, aside from myself, I've known of 8 nurses who left ON for other Provinces during the last 3 years because there are few jobs there.
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    Quote from nancy46237

    Only 4 mths for your RPN, amazing! Congratulations!
    I am presently waiting for my assessment as well on my rn and rpn application. I submitted my rn application to the CNO May 2012. On the first part of the assessment they informed me that it would take up to 6 months to get a result, which i did. But it is sad to hear that on the second part of the assessment, they could not give a time frame on up to how long the wait is. I hope someday they figure out a way to at least inform the applicant up to when they are left hanging. Anyway, because of this i submitted the rpn application because i read and heard from many IENs that the waiting time is shorter.. Hopefully it is.
    I did inquire about going ahead to take the bridging program but unfortunately i was told that the assessment from CNO is required to enrol in their bridging program. I was also told by that university that it would take the same time to wait for that kind of assessment.
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    Hey guys, just an update I recently received the letter from CNO stating I met eligibility to write CPNRE. So it took me about 1 1/2 yrs. But I did have some problems with the actual Nursing school that I graduated from. They didn't have appropriate course documents to sent to CNO. May be that's why my application took so long. Hopefully you all hear from them soon.

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