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    So I am an IEN working in Canada. This is my first job since graduating which would be nerve wracking enough but doing it in a whole different country is real tough. I've been in the job for about 10 months now but I haven't had a probationary interview or learning review or any real discussion with my manager about if I'm doing ok

    So I figure that I must be doing ok, the patients seem to like me andthere have been several thank you cards with a specific mention to me.

    I guess what worries me is that there is a lot of gossiping and back stabbing in the place I work and if the Unit Leader doesn't like you then she can make life awkward. I started doing permanent nights after an MVA and have to do days this weekend for the first time in a while. I'm already a little nervous about this as it's a totally different routine etc. Plus I was injured in work last week (pt crushed my wrist the one I hurt in the MVA of course ) and am supposed to be on light duties but despite this over the weekend the unit lead is insisting I stay on the floor rather than be unit leader on the desk because she is more friendly with one of the other new grads who started at the same time as me

    Maybe I'm just being paranoid but I am finding that any confidence I had gained is being chipped away at. I get a few days and I think things are going ok and the second I make a mistake, no matter how big or small, my confidence is shattered.

    I can't approach the unit leader because every time I attempted it in the past she has brushed me off.

    How do I get my confidence on a steadier level? And any advice about how to deal with a gossipy workplace?
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    I thought if on light duties they had to work within that frame because further injury would cause a lot of issues? I know where I work although a lot smaller light duties means exactly that.

    I didn't get any feed back from my then manager and I too was from the UK and working in a totally different environment and ended up approaching her and asking her how I was doing. My current manager made sure once she had a couple of months under her belt to get all trained staff appraisals done and gave us good feed back on things that need improving or that we was doing well.

    If possible try to ignore the gossip and do your work. Confidence comes with time but maybe approach some staff that you know would give you feed back and ask them how you are doing and if there was anything you need to change