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  1. Hi everyone!

    I'm new here and I love this website. I found a lot of information! Sorry for my poor english, but i'm trying to improve

    I will finish in juin my 3 years nursing study in CEGEP in Quebec and I have some questions.

    1- I am really nervous about the OIIQ exam because of the clinical situations (ECOS in french), so I am thinking to do the CRNE exam in New-Brunswick. Did someone do both exams and can tell me if it is a little easier the CRNE?

    2- Will my studies in Quebec be enough for the CRNE? I mean we are studying for the OIIQ exam so maybe it doesn't cover everything for the CRNE...

    3- I want to do the bachelor after my CEGEP but i'm not sure if I want to do it in Montreal in 2 years (DEC-BAC) or take the online bachelor from Laurentian University (courses in french). The courses are really different from the bachelor here in Quebec. With online courses I will be able to work a little bit at the same time but I won't have practical classes. Bachelor in Montreal will be really practical with courses in healthy community and intensive care and i won't really be able to work at the same time. Because the classes are different, I don't know if it is really equivalent. What do you think I should do?

    I called OIIQ and they told me I can do the CRNE if I prefer but I will have to register in the province I choose to do it and then transfert it to OIIQ. She said it would take about 3 weeks.

    If some of my questions have already been answer, I am sorry and I thank you for give me the link!

    Thanks to everyone that can answer me! It's appreciated!
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  3. by   lydzMtl
    Oh i know what you are goin through... Im doing my oiiq exam in a month with those dam ECOS!!!
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  4. by   murseQC
    I understand you are nervous about the practical part of the OIIQ exam. I was very nervous as well! Though I was nervous, it was not as bad as I thought it would be. I felt well prepared after CEGEP (English CEGEP) and studying from June to September while working full-time as a CEPI on a busy medical unit. Studying with a group of friends and doing practice ECOS really helps as well. As long as you calm down before each ECOS, assess your 'patients' well and don't do anything 'dangerous', you should be okay. If you totally fail one ECOS, forget it and move on to the next!

    Your CEGEP is (hopefully) preparing you well for the OIIQ exam and you should do the OIIQ Exam preparation guide.
    I would think again about doing an exam that has a completely different format which you have not really been prepared for.