Elder abuse witness advice

  1. 0 Hellow nurses,

    I would like to get some advice on something that has happened to me in my career .

    I was in my student placement in a LTC and one evening shift I worked with this casual staff nurse who was going to buddy up with me as that shift preceptor . It was 3 hours to end of shift and it was an Alzheimer's unit .

    where miss x was a resident who had a phobia of getting robed if any one came close to her because in her past life she lost all her money and was under a major psychological trauma . And that night personal support Y and Z were gone to change her to her night clothes . I and the preceptor were on the computer documenting and all of a sudden we hear screams from the resident . Preceptor sent me to check what was going on . That lazy bum nurse did not even bother to get up and answer the call bell I pulled . The resident was brutally been beaten by the psws in her bathroom . They pulled the immobilized resident on the ground by her hair .

    I reported that incident to that preceptor nurse and she told me that she will follow up with the PSW . I went home so psychologically disturbed . The next day I reported it to my normal ful time preceptor and she reported the incident directly to the Director of care . That casual preceptor only gave a warning to that PSWs which was not ethically acceptable .

    Ministry as well as police came to take a witness stament from me . After years this case has been brought to the court .

    So my the advice I need is : TO protect myself from those PSW doing any harm to me being a witness against them , is there any legal advice I can seek?

    Could I get support from the college of nurses?

    What other people can support me?

    I am scared about things . I definitely want justice but at the same time I need to protect my self because if such inhuman people can beat a resident up brutally , it wouldn't be hard to kill me .

    Please advice ....

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    As per the terms of service of the site we can not offer any legal advice and if you are qualified I suggest you chat to your provincial college of RN's to see if they can assist

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